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Johnson County Supervisor Janelle Rettig gets all upset about what kind of shoes Sen. Joni Ernst wears

I think wearing camouflage to a State of the Union Address is not cool.  ~ Janelle Rettig, Johnson County Supervisor

Janelle RettigJanelle Rettig, a very liberal Democrat, is a sitting Johnson County Supervisor.  She was elected by the good people of this county to represent us in county business, to:  Enter into contracts in the name of the County; Require reports of county officers; Approve budget proposals; Manage all county buildings and grounds; Supervise construction and maintenance of the secondary roads system, and more.....   There's a lot on a supervisor's plate.

What is Janelle Rettig currently wasting time on?

The kind of shoes Sen. Joni Ernst wore during her State Of The Union Rebuttal speech.  The heels were camoflage.  Just the heels..... 

OMG the world is going to explode!  Of all things to take away from the Ernst speech.... Americans tired of failed policies, voters tired of political games, of remembering our roots, being humble and the need to work hard to make things right.....  Rettig focuses on the heels of a pair of shoes?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Rettig was being derelict in her duties as a supervisor for wasting so much time on what kind of shoes the Senator wore, I'm simply saying Rettig was silly to be so focused on camo-heels.....  I thought Rettig was smarter than to waste so much time on something so trivial.    Rettig got caught up in symbolism over substance.

If I were in Rettig's shoes (sorry, couldn't resist), I would have focused on what I liked about Obama's speech, to help promote the party ideals, rather than go low road and try to tear the opposition down using faux anger and shallow arguments of symbolism.

Here are some of her comments on a Des Moines Register story titled, Internet gets kicks over Ernst's #breadbagshoes:

Janelle Rettig The squealing pigs, castration device from Lyndsey Graham, camo heals, bread bag shoes, is this really the image we want people left with of Iowa? I know our economic development folks struggle with the image of Iowa as nothing but pigs and corn. I know ag is important to Iowa, but as long as people think that's all we are about, we certainly won't see the investments here of more modern, hip, innovative companies. I find that foksy, I castrate pigs, I walked a mile in bread bags, fake dumb smile to be embarrassing and not representative of the majority of Iowans.

Janelle Rettig There was a condescending post directed at me which I deleted. Let me say camo shoes matters to me, just as a camo tie would, because in this context I see it as promoting a military, police and gun crazy state. I would have the same thought if it was a male in a camo tie. I consider it a political statement, to which I do not agree.

Janelle Rettig I did not see the Joint Chiefs wearing camouflage, as I believe that is not allowed in a formal setting. The camouflage appears to be a political statement and advanced to FOX news. They praised her for wearing camo before she spoke I do not agree with that statement and I find it disrespectful to the formal occasion. I normally could care less what someone is wearing, but she and FOX news made these shoes into a political statement.

Rettig is desperate to tear down a strong Republican woman that has resonated with Iowans.  Rettig fears that Ernst, given a national stage, will now resonate nationally.

Again, instead of focusing on the heels of a pair of pumps, why not take the opportunity to help highlight the positives of Obama's speech?......  Unless Rettig realizes that much of that speech was a pack of half-truths, pipe dreams and lies......

And here's another takeaway....  Not only is Rettig's shoe fettish ridiculous, not only was her rant all negative.....  Rettig didn't offer us a contrast.  She didn't tell us what she's for.  You can poo-poo someone or something all you want, but unless you offer up an alternative, it's just bitching.

Oh, and I hear sales of the pumps with camo heels Ernst wore are WAY up, that must REALLY piss Rettig off!


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Why does it not surprise me that Rettig doesn't like the first female Combat Veteran ever to serve in the Senate of the U.S?

Why would anyone care what a leftist like Retting thought of about anything, is the bigger question??

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