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WWE: Vince McMahon ‘Likes To Do The Sneaky Stuff,’ Says Hulk Hogan

The WWE boss Vince McMahon may be known as the business guy nowadays, but Hulk Hogan says he still enjoys tricking his wrestlers for fun.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan have been butting heads in recent days, although perhaps that’s not a surprising considering WrestleMania 30. Hogan has long said that John Cena would be his dream match, but it turns out the Face of the WWE has a bromance with Austin, Hogan, and even Sting.


Avoid Short-Term Thinking

The Alternative, by Fritz Groszruger

A few years ago I got in trouble for refusing to buy a candy bar at a convenience store. I stuck to my guns though, and nobody starved to death.

A friend of mine once said that needing immediate gratification is a sign of an uncivilized society. That idea is expressed in the story of the ant and the grasshopper, where the ant stores food for the winter and the grasshopper sings all summer instead. The grasshopper starves and the ant survives the winter.

Short-term thinking is pervasive in our society. We leave home where the fridge is full of pop purchased at the grocery store and end up buying a bottle of pop at a convenience store for triple the cost.

If that wasteful behavior is limited to the people who practice it, fine. Unfortunately the stupidity spills over into the lives of others. Availability of food stamps is not limited to people who only make wise choices and plan for the future. People who plan ahead and spend wisely pay for the food stamps that pay the inflated prices they wouldn't choose themselves.

Dope addicts and shopaholics impact the lifestyle of their loved ones. In satisfying their immediate urges, they reduce the ability of the family to provide basic necessities.

We cannot legally refuse to fund a wasteful food stamp program. But we can disassociate with dope addicts and foolish spenders. It might hurt, short-term, to leave those we love to their own devices as a means of self-preservation. But continuing to allow ourselves to be used as enablers does not cure the offenders, it perpetuates their problem.

I'm a taxpayer and am pro-life. I'm an enabler too. When I look around at this big world through whatever truth might leak through the media complex, I see our lives being impacted by people we never chose to be associated with. Lindsey Graham and John McCain are two of those people. The world is their convenience store.

Their meddlesome war culture affects all of us. The September eleventh attacks were a result of their view that the whole world is theirs to own. Let us not forget that our military presence in Saudi Arabia caused the attack. Even the CIA has admitted this was a factor. If you can't understand that, imagine if Hamas had a military base in Hampton.

Proponents of the war culture do not think long-term. They flail about mindlessly because the shock they feel makes them lose sight of reality. It is disturbing to see the carnage in the Middle East. It is terrifying to have a huge icon burst into flames with innocent people jumping to their deaths. But we have a republic (did?). Elected representatives are supposed to act in a manner that is well thought out, as opposed to the reactive stupidity evidenced by our so-called leaders. Attacking Iraq as a reaction to an act perpetrated by Saudi Arabians has had long-term negative consequences.

After all of these terrible mistakes in foreign policy it is time we learned from them. Saddam Hussein was a cruel man who ran a secular and somewhat stable country where Christians and Jews were relatively safe. We put an end to that. Bashar al-Assad had similar secular leanings in Syria. So what do our esteemed leaders do? They funnel weapons and cash to the Syrian Rebels. Those Syrian Rebels include ISIS.

Going back to the days when the Soviet Union was squandering resources invading Afghanistan, we were arming the opposition there, the same people who are our enemies now.

What we should be learning from all of this is that national defense needs to be part of a long-term plan. We need to look at the resources we have and plan on defending only that and doing it well. We have an economy built on capitalism, which makes us much stronger than the failed state of Soviet socialism. But there is still an end in sight to the wealth of our republic.

Will we avoid that Middle Eastern convenience store? Will we let those factions fight it out amongst themselves and return to our role as an example of prosperity through freedom? Or will we be led around by the nose by pro-death big spenders like Lindsey Graham and John McCain?

Please contact Fritz at or visit his blog at for other fun stuff.

Robot march protests pink visitor locker room

Kembrew McLeod and his small army of robots took to the streets of FryFest on Friday in protest of Kinnick Stadium’s famous pink locker room and the message they say it sends.

McLeod, a professor of communications studies at the University of Iowa and occasional political prankster, led what he dubbed the Million Robot March Against Pink Locker Rooms during the annual festival honoring Hayden Fry, the former coach who painted the stadium’s visitors’ quarters as a psychological tactic.


Iowa City police to continue study that found racial disparity in traffic stops - TheGazette

IOWA CITY — The Iowa City Police Department will expand an ongoing study that found minority drivers were more likely to be stopped, searched and arrested by police officers than white and Asian motorists.

Police Chief Sam Hargadine is recommending data from traffic stops in 2013 and 2014 be given to St. Ambrose University professor Christopher Barnum to complement his analysis of six previous years’ worth of information.


No Wonder This Is the Most Popular Steakhouse Restaurant

There's nothing like a good steak dinner. Indeed, a steak and potatoes meal is the epitome of solid fare, and even with the price of beef hitting record highs, steakhouses remain a popular destination when going out to eat.



Chloe Moretz puts in some pedal power at the SoulCycle studio where she first met rumoured beau Brooklyn Beckham | Mail Online

After a grueling training, Chloe Moretz was seen leaving the indoor cycling facility where she shared her first meet-cute with rumoured beau Brooklyn Beckham.

She hurriedly exited from the back entrance of a SoulCycle studio in Brentwood, Los Angeles on Friday.

The 17-year-old actress, who is an avid fan of the popular chain, got into a waiting car service after she finished her workout.


'Sister Wives' Star Kody Brown Wins Case Against Polygamy Ban - ABC News

Kody Brown, 44, and his four sister wives -- Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn -- can now have a legal marriage in their home state of Utah.

"It is with a great pleasure this evening that I can announce the final decision of United States District Court Judge Clarke Waddoups on the last remaining count in the Sister Wives case," Brown's attorney, Jonathan Turley, started off on his blog yesterday.


Jimmy Carter to headline Muslim conference - CBS News

Former President Jimmy Carter is slated to deliver keynote address this weekend at the annual conference of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), one of the nation's largest Muslim organizations.

Carter will talk about "the historic need for religious communities to mobilize against discrimination and violence that is directed toward girls and women throughout the world," according to the convention schedule. Additionally, "Muslim leaders at the convention will be invited to sign a Declaration for Peaceful Communities to join President Carter's movement for greater human rights."


Kylie Jenner 'struggling with life path'

Kylie Jenner is apparently trying to find her "niche" in the showbiz industry.

The 17-year-old is the half-sister of Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian and they all found fame as reality TV stars. Her older sibling Kendall, 18, has recently hit the big-time on the catwalk, modelling for the likes of Marc Jacobs and Chanel.

It's thought Kylie, who has written a book and collaborated on clothing lines in the past, is now keen to home in one talent and make a name for herself.

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