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After unity, some Democrats push back on Obama - Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (AP) — Just two weeks after President Barack Obama saw his Democratic Party put up an unyielding front against Republicans, his coalition is showing signs of stress.

From health care to spying to pending budget deals, many congressional Democrats are challenging the administration and pushing for measures that the White House has not embraced.



Students, Iowa City and UI officials face off in 21-ordinance forum | TheGazette

IOWA CITY — Before a large crowd of neon-yellow ‘vote yes’ shirts, supporters and opponents of the 21-ordinance disagreed over whether the rule that bans people from being in bars after 10 p.m. has changed Iowa City for the better. They disagreed on statistics and what they represent, and they disagreed on whether students are more safe since it was passed in 2010.


Unfair attacks on young politician | TheGazette

CORALVILLE COURIER EDITOR'S NOTE: State Rep. Dave Jacoby, a former member of the Coralville city council, is a mouthpiece for current city government and a frequent guest on KCJJ, a radio station that has a deal with the city...... the city (Coralville taxpayers) pays the station's rent.  Taxpayers paying the rent of a privately owned radio station, imagine that.

Over the past two weeks, I have been cavalierly attacked by “Captain Steve,” the voice of KCJJ propaganda, and state Rep. Dave Jacoby. My infraction? Getting involved in the Coralville community.

As a recent graduate of the University of Iowa, I was eager to get involved in local politics. I began interning for a local citizens group in an attempt to educate the public on local issues and perhaps incite change in the current unsustainable path we are on.


Coralville city leaders aren't giving residents straight answers

You know things aren't right in city government when an 18-year-old high school kid knowledgeably expresses concerns with the city's $280 million debt and decides to run for mayor to effect change.  You know city government is being callous with taxpayer dollars when they are cutting a PRAVDA-like deal with radio station KCJJ, with the station giving the city free advertising in exchange for a rent free space.  You know city leaders aren't being on the up-and-up when they don't have a plan of action to show the public on how they'll address the city's $280 million in debt, until AFTER the election.  ~ Mike Thayer

37% Say Zombies Would Do Better Job Than Federal Gov't, 37% Opt for Feds - Rasmussen Reports™

It’s not exactly a vote of confidence in the powers that be: A sizable number of Americans think the undead would do a better job than the brain dead in Washington, D.C.

Thirty-seven percent (37%) of American Adults believe the federal government would do a better job than zombies running the country today. But the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that most Americans don’t share that view, with just as many (37%) who feel zombies would do a better job running the country and another 26% who can’t decide between the two.



McDonald's to sell bagged coffee next year - Yahoo News

NEW YORK (AP) -- Fans of McDonald's coffee will soon be able to brew a cup of it at home.

The world's biggest hamburger chain says it will test selling a variety of packaged ground and whole-bean coffee at supermarkets and other retail outlets starting next year. The test will also include single-cup servings.

McDonald's, based in Oak Brook, Ill., did not disclose any other details. But the company already started selling McCafe packaged coffee in Canada late last year. Those bags weighed about 12 ounces and cost about $7.


Rare rhino hunt prize of Texas safari club auction - Yahoo News

HOUSTON (AP) — Plans to auction a rare permit that will allow a hunter to take down an endangered black rhino are drawing criticism from some conservationists, but the organizer says the fundraiser could bring in more than $1 million, which will go toward protecting the species.

John J. Jackson III belongs to the Dallas Safari Club, which earlier this month announced it would auction the permit — one of only five offered annually by Namibia, the southwestern African nation. The permit is also the first to be made available for purchase outside of that country.


Review & Outlook: You Can Keep Your Health Plan* -

President Obama has intoned "if you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan" hundreds if not thousands of times. Sometimes he has even added that "no one will take it away, no matter what" or "nothing will change, period."

But now that reality is repudiating the President's unequivocal promise, Democrats want you to know that there was always a secret footnote: If you're losing a health plan you liked, the President didn't mean your plan.