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Senior Center Members Discuss Financial Future of The Center

IOWA CITY, IA. -- Members of the Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center were invited to participate in two meetings in February with the purpose of exploring future financial needs and opportunities of The Center. The Senior Center Steering Council, a group of volunteer leaders within The Center, organized and led the meetings. Participants identified financial goals, recommended action steps, and brainstormed ideas for fundraising activities.

A key goal was identified at these meetings: Set a fundraising goal of 25% of the total operational budget to begin in Fiscal Year 2013. Evaluate progress in attaining this goal and gradually increase this amount in subsequent years as possible.

A summary of the two meetings is available on the Senior Center's website for review, and additional participant feedback is encouraged. For more information about these meetings, visit To share ideas about The Center's financial future, please contact Senior Center Coordinator, Linda Kopping, at 319-356-5225 or

Spring is near, it's almost time to play in the dirt

The weather here in Eastern Iowa is starting to warm up and the ground is starting to thaw.  Soon it will be time to get my hands dirty as I get busy with gardening, my favorite spring time hobby.

The long winters in Iowa forbid garden hobbyists from playing outside in the dirt, from November through February the ground can freeze solid to a depth of two feet......

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Sen. Olympia Snowe announces she won't be running for re-election

Olympia_snoweMaine Senator Olympia Snowe is leaving the U.S. Senate at the end of the year, announcing she will not run for re-election in 2012.

This is no different than a Democrat calling it quits, so it's not big loss for Republicans who are truly Republicans.  One less RINO in the Senate is a GOOD thing.

Democrats currently hold a 53-47 majority in the Senate.  

Reaching across the aisle is dirty politics?

"The Republican establishment expects me -- and all of talk radio -- to do the heavy lifting.  They expect us to take it to Obama, because they're afraid of ticking off the independents.  Okay.  Well, what's Santorum trying to do today?  He's trying to reach across the aisle  -- and that's dirty politics?" - Rush Limbaugh

Iowa GOP Chairman A.J. Spiker’s Reaction to Vice President Joe Biden’s Visit to Iowa State University

Des Moines, IA. -- “Three Iowa visits already this year clearly show that this administration is worried about its reelection prospects in November.  As a resident and businessman from Ames, I have witnessed firsthand recent graduates struggling to find jobs in this economy.  With a 13.3% national unemployment rate for young men and women ages 20-24, Vice President Biden and the administration have a lot to explain.   This administration’s policies have failed not only the American people generally, but young, eager Iowans coming right out of college in particular.”

Chairman Spiker added:  “With gas prices rapidly approaching $4.00 a gallon, per capita share of national debt outpacing that of Greece, and no regulatory or tax relief in sight for small business, Iowans of all ages are very worried about the prospect of four more years of failed policy from this administration.  Iowans now understand that the Vice President and the administration have no real solutions for the economy or American manufacturing.   We need a new direction in this country, and Iowans of all political stripes will judge this administration not by its rhetoric but by its record this November.”

University of Iowa's American Indian Mascot policy is politically correct liberal-minded nonsense

By Mike Thayer

When the University of Iowa denied the North Dakota Fighting Sioux an invitation to an upcoming track meet, they denied student athletes an opportunity to create, achieve, experience. 

U of I policy forbids the school from competing against schools using American Indian mascots unless they are "NCAA approved" and also OK'd by the respective American Indian tribes.  Such policy by the U of I is politically correct nonsense.

This isn't something for the U of I to police, it's up to the NCAA and in this particular case the state of North Dakota.   Butt out, Iowa.

Think about it, the result of U of I policy.....  Trying to *manage* political correctness.....  The only outcome has been to punish students for a matter they didn't even create.  It's a denial of opportunity, a denial placed not only on U of I students, but the University of North Dakota students as well. 

Get rid of the nonsense.

Second student dies from Ohio school shooting

Chardon, Ohio (CNN) -- A second victim has died from wounds suffered in the school shooting in Chardon, Ohio, the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's office said Tuesday.

Russell King Jr., 17, was declared brain dead early Tuesday, according to the medical examiner's office. He was shot at Chardon High School on Monday, the agency said in a written statement.

Student Daniel Parmertor died on Monday. Three other students were wounded in the shooting.

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Gas prices climb even higher

Gas prices have shot up dramatically since President Obama nixed the Keystone XL Pipeline proposal in January.  Here's the latest data from the eia:

U.S. Regular Gasoline Prices*  (dollars per gallon) full history
          Change from
  02/13/12 02/20/12 02/27/12   week ago year ago
U.S. 3.523 3.591 3.721   values are up 0.130 values are up 0.338
East Coast (PADD1) 3.612 3.654 3.735   values are up 0.081 values are up 0.377
  New England (PADD1A) 3.644 3.692 3.769   values are up 0.077 values are up 0.383
  Central Atlantic (PADD1B) 3.627 3.670 3.748   values are up 0.078 values are up 0.378
  Lower Atlantic (PADD1C) 3.591 3.630 3.715   values are up 0.085 values are up 0.374
Midwest (PADD2) 3.407 3.464 3.623   values are up 0.159 values are up 0.256
Gulf Coast (PADD3) 3.431 3.479 3.558   values are up 0.079 values are up 0.310
Rocky Mountain (PADD4) 3.071 3.097 3.195   values are up 0.098 values are up 0.014
West Coast (PADD5) 3.727 3.896 4.124   values are up 0.228 values are up 0.501
  West Coast less California 3.542 3.655 3.833   values are up 0.178 values are up 0.375

Iowa City Police Announce New Officer

New officerIOWA CITY, IA. -- The Iowa City Police Department welcomed a new police officer during a swearing-in ceremony held Monday, February 27, 2012.

Michael McKenna is a twenty-seven year-old from Storm Lake, IA. Officer McKenna attended Hawkeye Community College and graduated from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy in 2010. Officer McKenna previously worked as a police officer for the University of Iowa Department of Public Safety. Officer McKenna will complete the field training program with the Iowa City Police Department prior to permanent assignment. He is assigned Iowa City Police Department badge number 41.

Officer McKenna was hired to fill a vacancy created by the retirement of Sergeant Kevin Hurd.

Ex-Hawkeye Injured at NFL Combine

Iowa left tackle Riley Reiff has received plenty of attention as the draft approaches.  But a former Hawkeye teammate who plays tackle, too, has grabbed a headline in Indy, but not for good reasons.

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