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Five Reasons Why Everyone Shouldn't Get a Trophy

By Anthony Jones

It seems just about every competition out there these days offers a trophy or medal to all, simply for participating.  It's either that, or the event is a “no score” situation.  While there are benefits to this kind of competition, especially for those too young to truly compete, there can be a huge price to pay for treating everyone equally when competing.  To help give you a better idea, we have collected five reasons why trophies should be for winners.

1. For the kids – Do you have a trophy, ribbon, or award from your childhood that you are truly proud of?  Think of how hollow that victory you felt would have been, if everyone had gotten a trophy.  Knowing that for a certain time and for that certain activity, you really achieved something, it was a great source of pride and that trophy or medal can probably still be found in your house somewhere.  In contrast, any of those “everyone wins” trophies you might have received have probably been long lost.
2. For the college kids – Students hoping to use their talents in anything from football to chess to help them get into college actually do need to win and achieve in order to help both their college applications and obtain any scholarships they are hoping to get.  They have to compete.  If all a college bound student has to show for their talents is a participation ribbon, it won't do much if anything at all towards getting accepted by a college, let alone receiving a scholarship.  
3. For the crowd – Sure, you're just at your kid's little league game to cheer him or her on, but spectators are far more likely to enjoy a game that has a score on the line.  It adds a sense of excitement, urgency that can make any sport a true nail biter.
4. Because losing builds character – Too often both kids and adults watch shows and movies where the main characters almost always win whatever it is they are playing.  However, this is not the case in true life and can build unrealistic expectations.  There isn't a single athlete, artist, or business person in the world who has not experienced failure at one time or another.  Those who come out on top always say what a learning experience they've been through.  
5. Tryouts are part of life – When you're a kid, simply wanting to be part of a team can be enough to get on one.  However, this all begins to change around the teen years when sports teams have tryouts to make the team.  In the adult years this is especially true, when jobs have to be interviewed for.  Knowing how to make the best of who you are comes when obstacles to what you want are set in front of you.
Anthony Jones is a contributor all over the web and for Sports Management Colleges which helps those looking for a career in professional sports.   




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I agree the reasons are valid

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