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Adopt solutions that will empower the people

To Whom It May Concern:

Whether you choose to believe it or not necessity is, and always will be, the mother of invention.  Out of necessity for freedom, the United States of America was formed and has become the most powerful, industrialized, free nation on the face of the earth. We have the ability and technological might to design, engineer, and manufacture the most advanced military defense system known to man, the capability to transplant vital organs from one individual to another and to travel far into space or to the depths of the oceans. How then can you say we haven’t the ability, nor the technology, to economically design, engineer, and manufacture machinery necessary for harvesting fragile produce from our fields, vines and orchards, thus eliminating the ‘so-called’ need for illegal labor and creating good paying manufacturing jobs for millions of Americans in the process?  

In the same light, how can you in good conscience say that our United States hasn’t the ability, nor the technology, to safely and economically extract and use all of our own natural resources, including nuclear, while developing at the private unsubsidized level, alternatives like solar, wind, and bio fuels to not only become energy independent, but to empower the invisible hand of the free market with what is necessary for creating the millions of jobs that will ultimately turn our economy around. 

We have the technology, and we have the ability, and because of Capitalism, Free Markets, and the American Entrepreneurial Spirit we will design, we will engineer, and we will manufacture what is necessary to succeed and in doing so, we will create real jobs, the kind of jobs that build families and make for a safer, stronger, Iowa and America.  

We do not need or want socialist/Marxist policies! Nor do we need or want a progressive big government! What we require is leadership, real leadership, the kind of leadership that will embrace The Constitution of The United States, and adopt solutions that will empower the people, descendents of our founding fathers, with the promise to pursue, and live, the American dream! 

Steve Rathje
Conservative for Congress

Report card on GOP presidential candidates released by the Iowa Corn Caucus

Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum were the only 'A' students in the bunch.

From the website:  Based on survey responses submitted by the presidential candidates and media tracking, each candidate was scored in regards to corn legislative priorities.



There's no such thing as a perfect Republican Conservative, quit pretending there is and focus instead on Obama

"Could the people ostensibly on our side of things start focusing on Obama rather than trying to find the perfect Republican conservative?  I'm telling you: With his numbers eight points below Carter's, with half the country afraid to spend money on Christmas presents, with people out of their homes, no jobs and no outlook, would somebody please explain to me where it is automatic that the incumbent wins?" - Rush Limbaugh

Santorum comments on attempted veto override of New Hampshire Right-To-Work law

VERONA, PA. -- Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum made the following statement about the New Hampshire legislature's attempt to override New Hampshire Governor John Lynch's (D-NH) veto of Right-to-Work legislation:

Senator Santorum said: "Speaker O'Brien and his team in Concord should be commended for standing up to the union bosses and their Democrat cohorts who are hijacking our economy. The Obama Administration has pushed a radical organized labor agenda through the NLRB. This blatant federal government power-grab is forcing more and more states to take action because the federal government has trampled states' rights and the rights of individual companies - dictating where they can open new facilities and how they can operate based on the whim of a DC interest group. This is unacceptable. Job creation is about the American people, not the political agenda of one of President Obama's political supporters. As President, I will put the American worker and American economic growth first and stand by fighters like Speaker O'Brien. If elected, I will proudly sign a National Right-to-Work law."

President Obama just doesn't like Great Britain

The President screwed up when talking to the press today about the Iranian protesters who stormed the British Embassy in Tehran.  He called it "The English Embassy" instead of the British Embassy.  

This guy just doesn't like Great Britain, our greatist ally...   Obama  returned a bust of Winston Churchill to the Brits when he took office, gave Prime Minister Gordon Brown a DVD box set of movies as a diplomatic gift,  then he gave the Queen the *gift* of an iPod with his speeches loaded on it, and now this slap.....

Um, Mr. President, politically speaking here.....  England is a segment of Great Britain.  Scotland and Wales also make up part of that island.  And those territories are just part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.  Don't forget to have your staffers brief you about Northern Ireland and several other smaller islands that also make up Great Britain.    

Property-tax relief tops legislative priorities for chambers of commerce

By Lynn Campbell

DES MOINES, IA. -- Iowa business groups, undeterred by the lack of success this year in getting state lawmakers to lower their property taxes, will make the issue a top priority once again in the 2012 legislative session.

The Iowa Chamber Alliance, a nonpartisan coalition representing 16 chambers of commerce and economic development groups statewide, on Wednesday released its 2012 legislative priorities.

Property tax relief topped the list.

"The table is set for a substantive dialogue," said John Stineman, executive director of the Iowa Chamber Alliance. "All the right people are talking, and they're talking about the right things. We just have to make sure that at the end of the day, they can reach an agreement."

In the nation, Iowa ranks second highest for urban commercial property taxes and rural commercial property taxes, according to a 50-state property tax study by the National Taxpayers Conference often cited by Gov. Terry Branstad.

"In order to compete with other states, regions and countries, Iowa must improve its business tax climate," said Dennis Hinkle, CEO of the Greater Burlington Partnership, the umbrella economic development organization in Burlington. "The No. 1 thing that can help achieve this is property tax relief for commercial and industrial property taxpayers."

Branstad made commercial property-tax relief a top priority in the 2011 legislative session. Lawmakers spent a great deal of time on the issue, but couldn't reach an agreement between the Democratic-led Senate and the Republican-led House.

A plan offered by Iowa Senate Democrats would have given a property-tax credit to businesses. It would cost the state $50 million in fiscal 2013 and would grow incrementally to $200 million over four years, but only if state revenue increased by at least 4 percent in each of those years.

Republicans wanted a bigger, bolder plan. Branstad's plan called for a 40 percent rollback on commercial property taxes over the next five years, which would cost the state $500 million. Meanwhile, a $347 million plan by Iowa House Republicans would cut commercial and industrial property taxes by 25 percent and give all property taxpayers some relief by picking up more of the cost for schools.

A key hurdle to passage of property-tax reform in the 2011 session was the impact on local governments. Mayors, city managers, county supervisors, and school and community college officials told lawmakers that a GOP plan to reduce property taxes would lead to service reductions, layoffs and increased tax rates. They described the loss in revenue as "crippling" and predicted an increase in tax rates would fall on homeowners.

Some progress appears to have been made since the session ended June 30.

"We have continued to work throughout the summer and fall with the local officials and with business people, to look at what we can do to prevent a massive property-tax increase on all classes of property and to reduce the very high commercial property tax burden that we have in Iowa," Branstad told at his weekly news conference.

"We want to make sure that we're doing that in a way that protects the budgets of local governments," he said.

Branstad declined to say this week whether his 2012 plan again will call for a 40 percent rollback on commercial property taxes. He said the state is considering opportunities for it to assist local governments, both financially as well as freeing them from some state requirements and costs.

"I think this is one of the most important things we can do to grow the state's economy," Branstad said. "This is important not just to the businesses, but to their tenants. The people that are renting apartments are paying that property tax."

Hinkle agreed that the impact on local governments must be considered with any plan for property-tax relief.

He said the plan must be substantive, permanent and targeted at commercial and industrial property. He said any move toward real reform must move the four locally assessed classes of property taxpayers — residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial — closer to equitable treatment. And said the plan must be simple, transparent and predictable.

Under state law, businesses pay property tax on 100 percent of the value of their buildings, while homeowners pay 50 percent.

"Property taxes have been disproportionately carried by business for over three decades, and it has become a severe impediment to growth," Hinkle said. "Substantial reform is in order, and Iowa's businesses and communities simply cannot sit by and watch another session slip by without providing needed commercial-industrial property tax relief."

Other 2012 legislative priorities for the Iowa Chamber Alliance include new or alternative sources of revenue to pay for Iowa's roads. The group supports a gas tax increase, but wants to change the Road Use Tax Fund formula, so more money is given to Iowa's most traveled roads.

Listen to Iowa Chamber Alliance news conference:

See the press release:

Listen to Branstad's press conference:

Leading New Hampshire Social Conservative Stands With Santorum

Cornerstone Founder and Former Gubernatorial Candidate Karen Testerman Endorses Santorum for President


VERONA, PA. -- Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum has received the endorsement of Cornerstone founder and former New Hampshire gubernatorial candidate Karen Testerman. Testerman will serve as Chairman of Senator Santorum's "Faith and Family Coalition" in New Hampshire.


Karen Testerman said: "Since meeting Rick Santorum a decade ago, I have observed his unwavering support for the core values of family, faith and freedom.  He is the one candidate who is casting a vision for America beyond eight years.  Not only does Rick Santorum's record match his rhetoric, I am confident that he is the one who is ready to lead America to greatness. I look forward to working with him towards the New Hampshire first-in-the-nation primary."


Senator Santorum said: Senator Santorum said: "I am honored to receive Karen's endorsement today.  Karen has been a steadfast defender of life, family and the foundational values that make our nation great, and she has been a leader for those values in good times and in bad.  Karen understands the magnitude of this election, and her vote of confidence tonight is truly an honor.  I am excited to work with her as we move toward victory in the first-in-the-nation primary."


Karen Testerman is a leading New Hampshire conservative, founding the influential Cornerstone Policy Research, a family policy organization advocating for the traditional family. Karen has led the fight on numerous family rights issues and has become the recognized "go-to" social conservative in New Hampshire. Karen is the recipient of the Family Research Council's "Family, Faith and Freedom" award and is active in Concerned Women for America, New Hampshire Right to Life, and served as co-chair to develop the Faith Based Community Initiative in NMH. Testerman was the only New Hampshire representative to former First Lady Laura Bush's Conference on Helping America's Youth. Prior to joining the Rick Santorum for President campaign, Testerman had supported Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) for President.

Santorum New Hampshire Union Leader Op-Ed in support of a balanced budget amendment

"What we really need is Balance, Balance, Grow!"

Verona, PA - In this morning's edition of the New Hampshire Union Leader, Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum voices his long-time support for a Balanced Budget Amendment to our nation's Constitution.  While we are seeing the effects of the European debt crisis, the time is now to act to balance our nation's budget, and Senator Santorum makes the case for the ratification of this common-sense amendment. 


Senator Santorum is a long-time defender of the Balanced Budget Amendment.  In fact, the Balanced Budget Amendment and the Line Item Veto were the first two bills Senator Santorum cosponsored upon entering the United States Senate.


By Amending Constitution, We Can Balance The Budget For Good

By Rick Santorum

Complete Op-Ed Here:


"... the President refused to lead and instead pushed the tough decisions to a bureaucratic Washington committee to solve the problem, and though it was named the "Supercommittee" it couldn't even agree on cutting Post-It Notes from the office supply closet."


"Both parties can talk all they want about fiscal responsibility, but passing a balanced budget amendment that requires a supermajority for any tax increase and puts a cap on federal spending at 18 percent of GDP is the only way to permanently ensure that our government cannot grow beyond its means."


"This cornerstone of my economic policy ultimately empowers the American family and builds economic freedom.  A balanced budget amendment is a long-term, permanent fix to over-spending..."


To learn more about former Senator Rick Santorum, please visit

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow feeds audience political baloney

Rachel Maddow of the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, issued what is without question blatant misinformation on her show tonight.  It seems to be a nightly thing with Rachel.  So here's an open letter, sent to Rachel the baloney sandwich maker herself.
Why do you make stuff up?
Newt Gingrich didn't become the GOP front runner as a result of Herman Cain's scandal related drop in the polls.  And yet, that's what you claimed at the beginning of one of your show segments tonight.
Herman noticeably dropped after the sexual harassment scandal charges broke. You KNOW Gingrich's STEADY - not sudden - rise in the polls is as a result of his debate performances.
It was intellectually dishonest of you to frame things as you did for 'The Right Now Choice' segment.
Clever title, seriously, it's based in the truth.  But how you framed out the lead in, was not.   You pull that kind of stuff all the time which is rather disppointing.  Why can't you just deal with the truth?
I'm a Rick Santorum supporter so I'm not trying to defend Newt's baggage.  I just think how you decided to attack it was rather low road.
Deal with the facts, OK?  You want better ratings do you not?  So start being intellectually honest.
Mike Thayer
Publisher, Coralville Courier

MSNBC's Ed Schultz guilty of yet another factual manipulation

Ed Shultz of the 'Ed Show' on MSNBC, made what I contend to be yet another intentional misstatement on his show tonight, he wasn't joking, he said it, he meant it, he let it hang out there for his audience to absorb. So here's an open letter, sent to Ed the manipulator himself.
Why do you manipulate the truth and fabricate so much?  On tonight's show you mentioned that Rush Limbaugh took the day off today, implying that in light of the Herman Cain affair scandal, Rush didn't want to be on air to talk about it.
Rush told his audience yesterday afternoon at the close of his show that he was taking today off to travel, that announcement came LONG before the news of the Cain/White affair broke.
If you knew he took the day off, then you (or your staff) also knew he announced it.  
That's just one fabrication of many you make.  I know you'll keep doing this low road crap, not caring what your staff feeds you, but I'll keep documenting it.  You're developing quite a thick record, Mr. "One of the least influential people in America!"
Gee, could your intentional manipulations and fabrications be a REASON for that?  Hmmmmm......
And Steve Deace was wrong, conservatives don't come on your show because of the above, not because they're afraid of intellectually honest debate.  There's no honor in much of what you spew and your audience reflects that. 
Mike Thayer
Publisher, Coralville Courier