Rep. Poe: Obama at War With US Energy Firms
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Exposing the liberal lies

Those on the left just don't know how to engage the public on the level and with honor. 

You see it at the local level, at the state level, at the federal level.

You read it in the blogs, the local paper, hear it on the radio and see it on the talking head shows and the news.

City councilors aren't telling you things or are telling you half-truths, county supervisors aren't giving you the real deal, state legislators are feeding you spin, and yes, the President is telling you things that simply aren't true. 

It HAS to be confronted!  Why?  Because sadly, such misinformation influences people.  It's why we have 'city owned performance arts centers', property tax hikes, plenty of *green space* but not enough jail space, property tax reform getting killed at the state level and liberals at the federal level lying through their teeth telling us that taxes have never been lower....  The liberal media isn't challenging ANY of that!  

When you have blogs like Iowa Liberal and Blog For Iowa spewing complete nonsense, when you have the Iowa City DePressed Citizen only telling one side of a story or flat out ignoring stories, when you have the Des Moines Register (like the I.C. paper a Gannett owned paper) conveying a liberal political lean - Independents and people not so politically active don't have a chance on getting quality information.  Joe Lunchpail can't get informed, he gets MISinformed!  Pull up a Google search on your favorite politician and/or news item of the day - depending on the search, most of those listings are from liberal sources, it's not honest information - it's DISHONEST!  That's a problem.  Look at how many media outlets simply parroted what President Obama falsely said about how taxes haven't been this low since before he was born.  They didn't challenge what he claimed!  Heck, they didn't even think twice about researching it.....

Folks, I need your help in going after liberal sources.  I'm MORE than willing to take them on and it doesn't matter who it is.  Your assistance helps us here at the Coralville Courier file Freedom of Information Act requests (yes, filing a request cost money!), cover stories, make phone calls, follow leads, that kind of thing.  My mission here is the pursuit of the truth and seeking out information that liberal sources DO NOT provide you.  I'm doing the job the local corporate media refuses to do.  I'm taking on the blogs, the local radio nonsense, the papers.  I'm exposing liberal-minded politicians who try to feed you horse manure with one hand, while their other hand is in your pocket. 

Please consider tipping the Coralville Courier using the link below so we can get the word out bigger and better than ever.  Your $5, $10, $25 or more tip helps us take on the propaganda issued by elected officials and liberal sources of so-called news.  I wouldn't ask you to do this if I didn't believe so passionately in what I'm doing.  I need your help to get the truth out.  Please consider tipping today.  You can contribute by clicking the following url address and I thank you with all my heart for your support:

If you're not comfortable tipping, then please consider helping out the Coralville Courier in other ways, such as treating yourself to something like a great looking Sick Of Spin T-shirt or a hat from our online store.  Or consider buying some storable food for your pantry through our eFoods Global offerings.  Your purchases from our online stores help us go after the liberal nonsense too.  Click the Sick of Spin logo for Sick of Spin gear, click the GoFoods Global logo for some delicious gormet storable food.  

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Mike Thayer, Publisher


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