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Thayer boys medal at Taekwondo Championships

Thayer_boys_form_medals_amesAMES, IA. -- Representing Kang's Martial Arts Academy, the Thayer boys struck gold, silver and bronze again at another tournament.

Partipating in the 32nd Annual Iowa State University Taekwondo Championships in Ames, Iowa on Saturday, Daniel Thayer, John Thayer and Drew Thayer all scored medals in a tournament attended by several academies from across the midwest.

The medal breakdown:

  • Daniel Thayer, age 15 and a blackbelt (2nd Dan), earned a gold medal in forms and a gold medal in sparring.
  • John Thayer, age 11 and a deputy blackbelt, earned a bronze medal in forms
  • Drew Thayer, age 11 and a blackbelt (1st Dan), earned a silver medal in forms and a gold medal in sparring.

Coralville based Kang's Martial Arts Academy specializes in Taekwondo and Kum Do martial arts training.  Kang’s Academy is located at 2421 James St. in Coralville, directly across from the Coral Ridge Mall and close to IHop.  The Academy is open from 4:45 p.m. into the evening hours Monday through Thursday.  A second school is located in Marion.  For more information check out the Kang’s Martial Arts website at or call 319-338-2264.

American taxpayer on the hook for student loans under Obama plan

The student loan bubble just got bigger. The American taxpayer is now on the hook for every liberal/progressive wanna be professor and professional student's lifetime of loans, student housing, books and exorbitant tuition costs.

If every student knows that their loans will be "forgiven" and picked up by the taxpayers after 20 years, how many of those loans will be paid by the borrowers? NADA, ZIP, ZERO. I wonder if any of these young mushbrains realize that they are being pandered to and used for votes at the expense of their freedoms. They are being suckered no less than they would by a three card monty dealer or a carnival barker. 

This program is to the universities and Marxist professors as the stimulus bill was to the State government worker's union pension plans; a slush fund/bailout. With no restrictions or natural checks and balances on college rates and fees, the schools and professors can now charge whatever they like knowing THEY HAVE UNLIMITED TAXPAYER FUNDS to pillage and plunder, just as the state government unions have had for years.

This is another entitlement program, the scope of which we have never seen. This will put Medicare and Medicaid to shame. State control of education is also a plank of the Communist manifesto that has now been realized at the secondary level. If funding and access is not control, nothing is. God help us.
~ Michael Patomson, Council Bluffs

GoFoods Global offers exciting new products

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A quick rundown of Occupy Wall Street supporters, just the tip of the iceberg...

This list just oozes with the true motivation behind this movement and the complete hypocrisy of some:

Supporter/Organization   Celebrity Millionaires
AFL-CIO   Alec Baldwin
Al Sharpton (Charlatan)   Deepak Chopra
Billionaire George Soros   George Clooney
Communication Workers of America   Kayne West
Cornel West (Socialist Professor)   Lupe Fiasco
Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)   Michael Moore
Democratic Socialists of America   Nancy Pelosi
Francis Fox Piven (of Cloward & Piven)   Rosanne Barr
Iowa City Council (Liberal)   Russell Simons
Iowa City Press-Citizen (Liberal Media)   Susan Sarandon (George Soros funded)   Tim Robbins
New York Communities for Change (ACORN front)   Yoko Ono
Noam Chomsky (Marxist)    
SEIU (Known for thuggery)   Total Celeb Net Worth:  $1.255 Billion    
Stephen Lerner (Advocates violence)    
Terrorist turned professor Bill Ayers    
The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) union    
The Socialist Party USA    
The Working Family Party (ACORN front group)    
Tides Foundation (George Soros)    
Wade Rathke (Union nut, also advocates violence)    


Dodds ready to serve the residents of Coralville from Day One

I am supporting Jill Dodds for Coralville City Council. Dodds has done her homework over the past years and has become familiar with the issues that have come before the council. She studies the agendas, asks questions and often provides input through public comment or contact with councilors or city staff. She will be ready to serve the residents of Coralville from Day One.

While I do not expect to agree with Dodds on every issue, I know that I can expect that my opinion will be considered. There is no question that Jill will be an accessible city councilor.

I will be voting Dodds for Coralville City Council Nov. 8, won’t you?

~ Karen Fesler, Coralville

Busted? Thermal Imaging Reveals Many Occupy London Tents Empty at Night

The Blaze has run a GREAT story on reports that some Occupy protesters have been leaving their tents at night and fleeing to the comfort of capitalist hotels for better accommodations.

It's another piece of evidence demonstrating how the Occupy movement is one big charade.

Check out the images of empty tents:



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eFoods Global changes name to GoFoods Global, adds new products, extends food shelf life

By Mike Thayer

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The State Can ‘Seize Control’ and ‘There Is Nothing I Can Do’: Glenn Beck Weighs in on Nov. 9th Emergency Broadcast Test

The Blaze recently reported that at 2 p.m. EST on Wednesday, November 9th, The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Communications Commission will conduct the first-ever national test of the Emergency Alert System, where radio and televised broadcasts across the country will be disrupted for roughly…three-and-half minutes:

“In essence, the authority to seize control of all television and civilian communication has been asserted by the executive branch and handed to a government agency,” wrote Buck Sexton in our earlier report.

During the upcoming test, an audio message will likely recite, “this is a test” while text at the top of the screen might read that an “Emergency Alert Notification has been issued.”

While emergency broadcast tests are typically used by state and local governments to issue severe weather alerts and other emergency information, there has never been a nationwide activation of the system before. Federal agencies cite the reasons for the national test are to ensure emergency preparedness and to pinpoint flaws in the new EAS system.

Meanwhile, the thought of the nation’s broadcast systems being completely cut off for nearly four minutes — in addition to broadcasters being stripped of control — has left many, including Glenn, feeling unsettled over who, exactly, will have power over our airwaves.

When speaking about the old EBS tests, Glenn said that it “didn’t take control away from the broadcaster.” The new system, however, “seizes control of the broadcast frequency.”

“If the state wants to take control…they can just take it and there is nothing I can do about it” Glenn stated.

Watch Glenn discuss these unsettling developments in the video below: