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Which are you? Respectable and prosperous, or contemptable and miserable?

"It is … [the citizens] choice, and depends upon their conduct, whether they will be respectable and prosperous, or contemptable and miserable as a Nation. This is the time of their political probation; this is the moment when the eyes of the World are turned upon them." -- George Washington, Letter to the Governors, 1783


Gov. Branstad unveils the new Iowa Partnership for Economic Progress

Entity proposed to replace Iowa Department of Economic Development

DES MOINES, IA. -- Gov. Terry E. Branstad today unveiled the legislation to replace the current Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED) with the Iowa Partnership for Economic Progress (IPEP). This will be a public-private partnership tasked with promoting and marketing our state to attract new investments and jobs.

The proposed legislation is found here:

The mission of IPEP will be: “To grow and diversify Iowa’s economy by encouraging the creation of high quality jobs for its citizens through business recruitment, retention, expansion and creation.”

Iowa Partnership for Economic Progress will function as a business and utilize the best practices of both the public and private sectors.

To address the spectrum of business attraction, retention/re-invention and new business growth, existing IDED functions will transfer to the new economic development authority and the Iowa Innovation Council will operate within the non-profit entity of IPEP.

Gov. Branstad highlighted that this model supports all aspects of a successful economic development portfolio; business attraction, retention/re-invention and new business growth.

The new model will enable the State of Iowa’s investment to be leveraged against private investment, while maintaining openness and transparency. The IPEP model also utilizes the best practices of the public and private sectors, resulting in a more dynamic, results-oriented and accountable organization.

The new partnership will draw on the strengths of both the business and government sectors and will maximize the effort to attract more jobs and investment in Iowa. It also leverages private and public resources for programming and incentives that increases both the financial support and flexibility to meet the needs of businesses.

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“The creation of the Iowa Partnership for Economic Progress is an important step forward in transforming Iowa’s economic development efforts into a culture of collaboration that removes roadblocks, eliminates redundancies and works proactively to create high quality jobs,” stated Branstad. “The economic reality of the times is that business is global and fast paced and IPEP will be an organization that can keep pace with the speed in which business decisions are made.”

The legislation states that the new entity will be governed by an independent board of directors and chaired by Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds. IPEP will be led by Debi Durham, who is currently serving as director of the Iowa Department of Economic Development and is a successful, knowledgeable and experienced leader in economic development in Iowa.

With the new organization, the State of Iowa’s investment will be leveraged against private investment, while maintaining openness and transparency. Sound government principles of accountability, openness and transparency will be delivered.

“I look forward to being a part of Iowa’s economic development efforts and serving as chair of the IPEP board of directors,” stated Reynolds. “This is an important step for not only one state department, but all departments as we collectively work to provide quality jobs for Iowans.”

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Obama Didn't Back the Iranian Revolt, But Supports the Muslim Brotherhood

"Supporters of the regime and even some commentators on our side love to talk about this as a 'democratic uprising.'  The Muslim Brotherhood equals democratic uprising! But if it is a democrat uprising, then wasn't Iraq worth it, and doesn't George W. Bush deserve some credit here? That was the essence of his foreign policy." - Rush Limbaugh

Media missing the boat on Egypt

Watching the coverage of the violent protests in Egypt leaves viewers with many more questions than answers, as the media offered little background and even praised radical anti-American groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Jazeera. Not many people would describe the group who birthed Hamas, or had the 9/11 masterminds as members, or sports a consistent pattern of violence and hatred for America as 'courageous', 'brave' and 'working tirelessly' for justice. Glenn Beck explains what the media won't - this chaos isn't random, it's just the beginning. Read more and watch a free clip HERE.

Federal Judge in Florida Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional

PENSACOLA, Fla. – A federal judge ruled Monday that the Obama administration's health care overhaul is unconstitutional, siding with 26 states that sued to block it. U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson accepted without trial the states' argument that the new law violates people's rights by forcing them to buy health insurance by 2014 or face penalties.


Defining Global Warming

Steve_rathje The question is, do I believe in climate change? The answer, yes I do. In fact, I believe we all do. Most of us, especially those from right here in the Midwest , enjoy four seasons of “drastic” climate change each and every year. Yet, I believe that we no more caused those climate changes than we did the so called “Global Warming” threat that the Politicians from the left, and some from the right, are trying desperately to have us believe.

You may also ask, have I read the science? The answer is once again, yes I have, and for every scientist that says global warming is a threat caused by humans, there are two or more that say humans have nothing to do with it, and I agree. I believe firmly in the notion that we happen to inhabit a highly complex, living, breathing planet with a molten core and an ever changing atmosphere. So to buy into to the notion that we, in all our infinite wisdom, have somehow created the ability to outdo nature’s God with a so called global warming phenomenon, just isn’t plausible.

If “Global Warming” were indeed an actual threat caused by humans, wouldn’t every scientist, world leader, politician and business around the globe be working in concert to find a solution? They may not agree on an actual solution, but they would sure as heck agree that there is a problem, yet they don’t.

Think about this. Why is it that such a crisis was introduced to the American public, years ago, by a politician? That’s right, Al Gore, a far left fringe democrat that thrives on power and notoriety? Stop and think, would anyone in this great country, including the politicians on both the left and right, place a threat of this magnitude on the back burner for the sake of politics with our very existence hanging in the balance, I think not. We’d all be working day and night around the clock in an effort to curtail the impending disaster. If anything, the politicians would be stumbling all over themselves trying to win the argument as to how the problem should be solved, but given their track record for solving problems, the very thought seems laughable at best. To sum it up, based upon what I’ve learned combined with some simple common sense, “Global Warming,” that, by the way, has been reduced to mere “Climate Change”, is clearly nothing more than a politically motivated hoax, one that has made politicians, as well as Hollywood movie makers very wealthy at our expense.

Why you ask? Because the far left offers absolutely nothing in terms of long term growth and prosperity for the American people. To retain any power whatsoever, they rely on making you feel that only they give a tinker’s darn about you, and without their watchful eye and entitlement mentality all will perish under the boot of the evil conservative. They also clearly realize, that for the most part, those who live off the system, typically vote the system, so keeping their constituents believing that they, the Democrats, are the only political party with their best interests in mind keeps the power and money coming their way. Bottom line is, it’s nothing more than politics as usual, only now they use fear to win the argument.

As you can see, I’ve chosen not to offer documentation as proof to my argument. That my friends, I’m leaving up to you. I took the time to study the issue for myself and inject some old fashioned common sense along the way as I’m no longer willing to take the word of a politician and don’t want you taking mine either. Instead, I want you to do the research, educate yourselves, ask the important questions, locate the answers, and refuse as I have to be led around like farm animals with rings in our noses. So with the possibility of Cap and Trade looming in the not to distant future, we better get started. It's up to you!

Lastly, I believe it’s the responsibility of each and every one of us to be good stewards of the planet that God Almighty has so graciously blessed us with, and do all we can to respect it, and leave it, in a better condition than how it was received. It’s time to say “Enough is Enough.”

We’re no longer going to be pawns in the political game of chess the politicians choose to play, because the pawns represent real lives, lives that belong to “We the People!”

Steven R Rathje Founder/C.E.O.
International Procurement Services, Inc. and
The Genesis Group, Inc.

Social engineering doesn't work

Need evidence?  Look no further than Iowa City, where attempts by the goverment to plan out some kind of Utopian *affordable housing* zoning plan and a 'fair share matrix' has resulted in nothing but confusion, frustration, delay and legal issues.  Government tinkering like this just doesn't work.  Council member Connie Champion and Mayor Matt Hayek have no clue what they're doing.  Neither does City Attorney Eleanor Dikes it seems.  Their meddling mentality and resulting actions of the city needlessly tramples on the efforts of productive volunteer organizations at taxpayer expense.  Being in the housing business is not a proper role of government.




In a common sense, fair and balanced Iowa.....

  • Property taxes would be based on square footage, not how many bells and whistles you have
  • Tax dollars would actually get spent only on the items they were created for
  • Tax dollars wouldn't leave the state so the U.S. Department of Agriculture could *award* money to South Carolina in the form of a *competitive grant*
  • Talk of bringing a bankrupt passenger rail service *company* to Iowa City and the false promises being made in support of it wouldn't happen
  • Legislators would be thinking of ways to keep money IN the pockets and bank accounts of Iowans, not how to take money OUT.
  • Public safety would be the LAST thing to be cut during lean economic times, not the first.
  • County officials wouldn't buy land in the name of green space or build unneeded human services facilities with skywalks, while completely ignoring roads and the need for a new jail.
  • A gold plated Joint Emergency Communications Center that is mismanaged wouldn't get built when all that was really needed was for communities/agencies to have the same kind of communications system
  • Expensive developments wouldn't get built in flood plains
  • City officials wouldn't be spending all kinds of taxpayer money on flood mitigation, to 'protect' those expensive developments built in a flood plain
  • City officials wouldn't be able to railroad residents into developing 'city owned' hotels and 'city owned' theatres, and then raise taxes even more to subsidize them.
  • City officials wouldn't blatantly ignore their residents, who don't like shady land deals made for $1
  • City officials wouldn't look for ways to manipulate Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

Your vote doesn't matter huh?  Yes, it matters who gets put into office.  Look at the games we let politicians play.  If more reasoned and common sense based people were put in office, none of the above wrongdoing would exist and you would be much better able to provide for your family.

Got some things to add to the list?  Forward them to




The State of the Presidency

By Steve Rathje

Steve_rathje It’s true; there are manufacturing companies that are finding themselves more profitable in the middle of this recession, but not many. The reason for higher profits isn’t because of an increase in sales due to an uptick in the economy, as the President and the Democrats would have you believe, but rather a decrease in the financial obligations of the companies reporting. In other words, once sales has fallen to the point where the amount of money going out has exceeded that which was coming in, drastic measures have to be taken, concessions have to be made, spending has to be reduced, waste better controlled, and the labor force re-evaluated.

There aren’t very many businesses that haven’t been hit hard by this recession, some more than others, and those that are enjoying increased profits, for the most part, will tell you it’s because they no longer have the financial obligations to the people they no longer employ. Orders haven’t increased to boost profits, but rather the cost of wages and benefits that put the company in the red no longer exist, so naturally, although sales are down, the negative numbers have simply shifted to the positive side of the profit and loss statement.

Let’s take a moment and look at this from a layman’s perspective. Let’s say you take home $3000.00 per month, and when times are booming, $3500.00, due to overtime. Now let’s assume your financial obligations consume all $3500.00. Then, there comes a slowdown at work, no more overtime and $500.00 less to work with each month. Do you make up the difference with a credit card, or do you cut expenses to the level whereby the amount of money going out, no longer exceeds that which is coming in. Once you do, your personal financial statement goes from red to black, not because of more money coming in, but rather, less money going out.

Profit and loss is not an indicator as to how the economy is doing, but rather an indicator as to how the company is doing. The same holds true when the government tells us that 100,000 jobs were created in the last quarter, without telling us that 400,000 people signed up for unemployment benefits during that same period in time. The bottom line is; the government isn’t telling you the truth. They want us to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel without telling us it’s the headlight of a locomotive coming right for us.

Being disingenuous, regardless of who is telling the story, isn’t what is going to put us back on our feet, but rather, the honest to goodness truth which should have been told during the State of the Union Address. We were never given the actual State of the Union because if we had, we would have been reminded of the 45 million Americans unemployed and underemployed, how the value of the American home continues to fall and how millions of Americans continue to lose their homes in foreclosure. We would have been told how the American dollar is losing both value and credibility, the threat of terror and nuclear war that stands at our door step, the porous borders to our south, the millions of illegal aliens, the rise in fuel and grocery costs, the number of jobs that daily leave our shores, how tax cuts are overshadowed by tax increases, how our freedom is being compromised and our liberty taken advantage of.

There really wasn’t a State of the Union address, but rather, the State of the Presidency address. The President showed no ability to stand upright and face our problems head on, but rather, he chose to bow and concede defeat to the larger than life problems our country is experiencing. Rather than mirror that which does work and tell the American people about the drastic measures he will be taking, the concessions he will be making, the amount of money he will no longer be spending, the waste that he will be better controlling, and the labor force he will be reducing, this President chose to offer a fairytale to those he felt couldn’t handle the truth.

Steven R Rathje Founder/C.E.O.
International Procurement Services, Inc. and
The Genesis Group, Inc.