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Iowa GOP Calls for Investigation into AG Miller’s Ethically-Challenged Fundraising

Strawn: Did Miller use official resources to solicit loans from taxpayer-funded employees?

DES MOINES, IA. -- Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Matt Strawn today called for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller funding his re-election campaign through loans from two of his employees who receive taxpayer-funded salaries.

This morning the Des Moines Register reports Miller said he needed the money for cash-flow purposes to buy advertising. Chairman Strawn said, “With Miller’s admission that he needed the money, and because the loans came from deputy attorneys general who could lose their jobs if Miller isn’t re-elected, it is important to find out if Miller asked for or coerced the employees to loan him nearly 100-thousand dollars.”

According to the Iowa Code, section 721.2, it appears to be illegal for an elected official to use their office to demand or coerce an employee to give something of value.

Strawn said, “Clearly it would be a conflict of interest for the Attorney General’s office to investigate the circumstances surrounding the loan agreement, so today I am calling for a special investigation.”

Strawn outlined five questions that Iowans need answered:

1. Whose idea was it to loan the campaign $95,000?
2. Where did Jeff Thompson’s $75,000 come from? His salary is only $120,000 per year.
3. Tom Miller controls the wages to these employees. If these employees receive a raise or bonus, how will Iowa taxpayers be assured their tax dollars are not being used to repay a campaign debt?
4. Did Tom Miller or anyone in his office use official resources to arrange the campaign loans? The Iowa GOP will file a public records request on Monday, to determine if official resources were used to arrange these campaign loans.
5. Why did Tom Miller accept a loan from his employees? It is certainly poor judgment to be indebted nearly $100,000 to people he is supervising.

Strawn said, “It is time to clean up the Attorney General’s office. While Tom Miller likes to talk about removing politics from his office, his actions clearly show otherwise.”

As examples, Strawn cited that Tom Miller wouldn’t let Governor Chet Culver fire Lynn Walding, one of Miller’s former top staffers, when problems were discovered in the Alcoholic Beverages Division. Miller also approved allowing Donn Stanley to take a leave of absence from the Attorney General’s office to manage Chet Culver’s re-election campaign. Now, Miller is in debt to employees who report to him, and who are paid a salary with taxpayer dollars.

Iowa GOP Chair to Hold Media Avail on AG Miller’s Ethically-troubled Fundraising

Documents reveal Miller’s funding campaign with taxpayer-funded employees’ money

DES MOINES, IA. -- Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Matt Strawn will hold a media avail with reporters on Saturday, October 30, regarding revelations that Democrat Attorney General Tom Miller has borrowed $95,000 from two taxpayer-funded employees to fund his re-election campaign.

Strawn will recommend remedies to prevent such ethical abuses from happening again. Strawn will talk with reporters at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, October 30, at the Urbandale Victory Center, 3590 109th Street, Urbandale.

New Ranking puts Iowa’s Business Tax Climate as one of the nation’s worst

Extremely high taxes continue to hinder job creation efforts in the state

URBANDALE, IA. -- The nonpartisan Tax Foundation has released its annual analysis of state business taxes and concluded Iowa’s business tax climate is the sixth worst in the country.

The report is found here: State Business Tax Climate Index, Fiscal Year 2011, the Tax Foundation

According to the Tax Foundation, this ranking is important because: “Taxes do matter. Business taxes effect business decisions, job creation and retention, plant location, competitiveness, the transparency of the tax system, and the long-term health of a state’s economy.”

In response, Governor Branstad 2010 campaign manager Jeff Boeyink said:

“While Chet Culver likes to hide his unacceptable performance on job creation efforts behind the rankings of Wall Street rating agencies, this nonpartisan report shows his failure to address Iowa’s punishing tax climate severely limits our ability to create the jobs so desperately needed in Iowa.

“Our corporate income tax is the highest in the nation and commercial property taxpayers in our urban areas pay taxes comparable to businesses in Manhattan.

“Governor Branstad has a forward thinking plan to reduce the corporate income tax and commercial property taxes because he knows these high taxes are job killers and by adopting his plan our Iowa entrepreneurs will be freed to make those critical investments that will once again lead to job growth in this state.”

Terry Branstad has plans to fix taxes, including a reduction in commercial property taxes, cutting the corporate income tax in half, and no income taxes for start-up businesses for the first three years.

Those plans are found HERE.

For more information on the Branstad/Reynolds campaign, please visit

Government spending at EVERY level is bankrupting America

There's out-of-control spending at every level of government folks, Democrats run Johnson County, Democrats run the state, Democrats run federal government and spending is out-of-control!  Taxation is out-of-control to cover that spending!  Sally Stutsman/Janelle Rettig's Johnson County government is bankrupting you, Culver's state government is bankrupting you, the Obama/Reid/Pelosi federal government is bankrupting you. And what do you have to show for it?

Your vote on November 2nd is more important than it ever has been!  Vote fiscal conservative, vote with the Constitution in mind.  You have to take a stand and vote to protect your freedoms and liberties....  Voting Democrat does NOT protect them, it ENDANGERS them.  If you want bigger more intrusive government, vote Democrat.  If you want higher taxes, vote Democrat.  If you want more government debt put on your children and grand children, vote Democrat.  If you want higher unemployment, vote Democrat.  If you want more restrictions and more hoops to jump through affecting your way of life, vote Democrat.   

North Liberty land deal with UICCU unethical?

In a 3-1 vote, the North Liberty City Council voted Tuesday night to approve the purchase and transfer of 24 acres of land to the University of Iowa Community Credit Union (UICCU) for $1.

That $1 *sale* is part of a project where the city council will purchase 64 acres of land on the west side of the city for $11.3 million (despite researched and informed resident objection).  The city council is getting a loan from the UICCU for the purchase.  Payment on the $11.3 million loan will come from the pockets of taxpayers.

Tom Lepic is a board member of the University of Iowa Community Credit Union.

That's Tom Lepic, of Lepic-Kroger Realtors®.

Doesn't Lepic-Kroger stand to make a big payday with this sale?   Just say'n.......

Why the Johnson County Republican Central Committee continues to fail

By Mike Thayer

There is a reason the Johnson County Republican Central Committee continues to fail every general election in its core mission of seeking out, recruiting and supporting candidates for office......

It's called Progressive Republican leadership.  Don't buy into the excuse making by the progressive GOP leadership of,  Republicans are outnumbered by Democrats 2-1 in the county, don't buy into the progressive leadership excuse making of, we can't get enough Republican volunteer support....

Can't get enough GOP volunteer support help you say?  No kidding!  It's because of the progressive B.S.!  Try getting back to core Republican values and stances and watch the volunteer and candidate success rate go up!   It's time for a thorough house cleaning folks. 

Download Jcrcc leadership progressive


Despite resident objection, North Liberty City Council approves shady land deal

NORTH LIBERTY, IA. -- In a 3-1 vote, the North Liberty City Council voted Tuesday night to approve the purchase and transfer of 24 acres of land to the University of Iowa Community Credit Union (UICCU) for $1.

That $1 *sale* is part of a project where the city council will purchase 64 acres of land on the west side of the city for $11.3 million (despite researched and informed resident objection).  The city council is getting a loan from the UICCU for the purchase.  Payment on the $11.3 million loan will come from the pockets of taxpayers. Part of that deal includes selling a 24 acre parcel of that land to the credit union for $1 so they can build a new member support office.    The city council plans to *develop* the remaining 40 acres but have no substantive plans or expertise on how to do so.

Voting for the project were council members Gerry Kuhn, Brian Wayson and Coleen Chipman.  Voting against the deal was Terry Donahue.  Abstaining was council member Chris Hoffman, who recently applied for a job with a local *Financial Institution.*

Basically, the city council has gotten directly into the commercial real estate business - an improper role of government - and at a great cost to taxpayers in making a deal rife with cronyism.  For additional information on the shadiness of the deal, click here:

A large number of North Liberty residents and business people have been raising objections to this deal for more than a month leading up to last night's vote.  They attended council meetings and work sessions, wrote letters, made phone calls, sent email.  With exception to Terry Donahue, the council was tone deaf and arrogant in not listening to questions and objections, resulting in the formation of a group called Concerned Taxpayers of North Liberty.  The group's valid concerns have been ignored by members of the council and city administrator Ryan Heiar.

Stay tuned, this issue isn't over folks.  There's going to be some council members without seats and an ex-city administrator before it's all said and done.