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You might be a RINO if.....

The REAL View (That means it's an opinion piece for those of you who live in University Heights)
By Mike Thayer
You might be a RINO if.....
You're a member (cough) of the Republican party in Iowa's Second District, one of those Moderate Miller-Meeks/Vander Plaats supporters (now there's an inconsistent set of choices), you're cheering on BVP's dissent in deciding not to endorse Branstad, and that's OK................
But it's NOT OK for Johnson County's most vocal Conservative and Publisher of the Coralville Courier to exercise simliar dissent in not being willing to jump on the MMM bandwagon....
Such is the behavior and hypocrisy of a RINO ladies and gentlemen.
I get accused of not being a GOP team player for failing to cast blind post-primary support for MMM despite what I know about her, I'm asked to sacrifice my core values......  It's even suggested by some area RINOs that my lack of support for MMM will perhaps tear the area party apart. 
Wait a minute.....  According to RINOs, dissent against MMM is wrong post-primary, not blindly jumping on her bandwagon simply because she has an 'R' next to her name is not team play..... 
But cheering on BVP's post-primary dissent is somehow OK?  How is THAT dissent a demonstration in team play, but dissent against MMM isn't?  How is failing to jump on the primary winner's bandwagon (MMM's) wrong, but failing to jump on the primary winner's bandwagon (Branstad's) is suddenly cool?  How on earth is that consistent in argument?  When it's suggested dissent against MMM could possibly tear the area party apart - that's considered a valid concern - but dissent against Branstad possibly tearing the state party apart isn't a valid concern?
What team are the RINOs on?
Anyone who really knows me knows that I call 'em like I see 'em regardless of party, that I'm a big believer in lower taxes, smaller government, less intrusive government, I frequently write of GOP ideals and convey Ronald Reagan conservative values on a daily basis, and yet I'm somehow not being a GOP team guy.....
But those who exercise a double-standard, those who are thinking with their right brain and not their left, those who are willing to sacrifice core Republican values in the name of winning an election, those who are pretending dissent against MMM hands Loebsack a victory but dissent against Branstad doesn't hand Culver a victory....
Well that's not team play, it's RINO hypocrisy. 
We need to call these people out on the carpet and question their reasoning, challenge their logic, expose their inconsistency.  Their behavior is hurting the party folks.  You want party unity?  Then we need to be honest in what we believe in.  With party health comes victory.

Inept leadership = failure

Paul Chesser submitted a link to a great article today regarding how the manipulative King Obama has failed yet again.....  The American people aren't buying his progressive notions and Senators are sensing that....  defaulting to spin and manipulation of their own.....  That's not leadership, it's not thinking outside the box, it's just flat out inept.

Branstad 2010 releases latest ad, “Rally”

URBANDALE, IA. -- The Governor Branstad 2010 campaign today unveiled its latest ad, “Rally.”

“The point we will continue to drive is that Iowa deserves a government as good as its people,” said Branstad 2010 Campaign Manager Jeff Boeyink. “Terry Branstad offers a stark alternative to Chet Culver in offering a return to clean, open, honest and transparent government in Iowa. This ad shows an enthusiastic, passionate reformer.”

The script of the ad, in Gov. Branstad’s own voice, is as follows:

We’re all here for one reason: To give Iowans a government that is as honest, as hard-working; that is as good as the people of this state.

To those communities fighting to stay alive, to the workers hunting for good jobs, to those families hoping for a better education for their kids – change is coming!

For those Iowans who want honest, open and scandal-free government – change is coming!

We did it before, and we can do it again!

For more information on the Branstad/Reynolds ticket, please visit

More improper government, drawing names for houses

Editor's Note:  The following is from a press release issued by the city of Iowa City and "Community Development"...  The city should not be in the housing business, taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize townhouses and condos, there are churches, charities and non-profits out there that do this folks...:

It's kind of like a combination of a raffle and Bingo -- except the people whose names are drawn in this event will win an extra-special prize: the chance to buy a brand new home through Round 2 of the City of Iowa City's Single Family New Home Construction Program. Established to help replace some of the housing units lost in the 2008 floods, the program will facilitate construction of 37 new housing units throughout the City this year, including single-family detached homes, townhouses, duplexes, zero-lot lines and condos. Homes will range in price from $125,000 to $180,000, with a 25% downpayment assistance program also available to qualifying homebuyers. Home-building will get underway this summer.

The public drawing will begin at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, June 29 in the Emma Harvat room of City Hall, 410 E. Washington Street. It will determine the order in which applicants will choose their home, with any applicants from flood-impacted households going first, followed by first-time homebuyers, and finally, Johnson County residents.

The deadline to submit an application was June 25. In order to qualify for the program, applicants had to show an annual household income that falls below the area median income, and qualify for a mortgage loan from a local participating lender. A total of 52 households have applied.

In the event that some applicants whose names are selected may not be able to fulfill the purchase requirements for a home, completed applications will continue to be taken and added to a waiting list. Applications are available on the City's website at, but must be submitted to The Housing Trust Fund of Johnson County, which is administering the program for the City. For more information on the application process, contact HTFJC at 319.358.0212 or e-mail Tracey Achenbach at or Andrew Donham at

The government refuses to learn....

By Mike Thayer

Hmmmm, so BP proposed to drill in 500 feet of water to the state of Louisiana, which Louisiana agreed to. But the federal government under environmentalist wacko pressure vetoed that proposal and changed it to "BP, you need to go out to 5,000 feet."

Neither the government nor BP have any experience in monitoring platforms at that depth.

They both have experience in monitoring at a depth of 500 feet.

So, had the federal government not vetoed, BP would have been at 500 feet.  Spill experience everybody knows how to deal with, it would have been easier to contain, and damages probably would NOT have exceeded $75 million (cap established post Exxon/Valdez). Never mind that the risk of a spill are far less at a depth of 500 feet vs. 5,000, so it is reasonable to argue that a spill would NOT have occured had the federal government not vetoed BP's request to drill at 500 feet.

Lesson: Fed authorizes 500 feet, we don't have this issue.

Iowa City Police investigate a hit and run

On Sunday, June 6, at 7:41PM, Iowa City police officers responded to a reported hit and run involving a pedestrian at Meadowlark Condos, add/ 2470 Lakeside Dr. The victim, who was in a motorized wheel chair, was along side her van, preparing to get inside, when she saw a car approach. The victim moved to get out of the way, but was struck by the vehicle, which then left the scene. The victim was transported by ambulance, to U of I Hospitals, for treatment of a leg injury.

A witness provided the following suspect and vehicle description. The driver is described as a heavy set, black female with short hair, wearing a purple shirt and accompanied by two children. The vehicle is described as being a red car and might have had four doors.

Iowa City Area CrimeStoppers is offering a reward of up to $1000 for information leading to the arrest of this suspect. Anyone with information about this crime is urged to contact CrimeStoppers at 358-TIPS (8477). All calls are held in strict confidence and anonymity is guaranteed. Individuals providing information do not have to reveal their identity to collect a reward.

Losing our liberty

"The folks in Washington are making suckers out of us.  They will give certain kinds of handouts to get you to vote for them, while empowering themselves to stay in office.  We're losing our liberty bit by bit by bit." - Walter E. Williams

Gov. Robert Ray endorses Terry Branstad for governor

Former Iowa governor highlights Branstad’s commitment to open, honest government

URBANDALE, IA. -- Former Iowa Gov. Robert Ray today endorsed Terry Branstad for governor.

Ray, who served as governor from 1969 to 1983, said the following in his endorsement:

“Today, I am endorsing Terry Branstad for governor because I believe he is the best choice for Republicans tomorrow. I am a strong believer in honesty and transparency, and so is Terry Branstad. I have seen first-hand his commitment to clean government for Iowa, and know that as governor, he will continue his steadfast desire to clean up government in Iowa.

“Terry Branstad is the candidate who will not only unite the Republican Party in Iowa, but will build the necessary bridges to independents and disaffected Democrats so we can defeat Chet Culver this fall. Terry Branstad’s priorities are in the right place: job creation, raising family incomes and making Iowa’s schools the best in the country.

“I ask Iowans all across the state to join me in voting for Terry Branstad tomorrow.”

Gov. Branstad welcomed the endorsement as a commitment to open, honest government.

“This endorsement is more than one governor endorsing another,” said Branstad. “This is an endorsement of open and honest government, and a return to transparency at the Statehouse.”

Ray made the endorsement at a press conference this evening.

For more information on the Governor Branstad 2010 campaign, please visit

Revised statement from Rob Gettemy on Miller-Meeks AMA contribution

AMA donation still points out that Miller-Meeks wants have all sides to every issue
Upon learning of the clerical error by the Miller-Meeks campaign, Rob Gettemy issued the following statement:

“Apparently,  the Miller-Meeks campaign made a typographical error in reporting the donation from the American Medical Association, and the amount is not the $50,000 as reported.

Whether Dr. Miller-Meeks received $5 or $50,000 from the American Medical Association, the fact still remains that she accepted a contribution from an organization that was specifically cited and thanked publicly by President Obama for their help in the passage of the health care reform bill.

Dr. Miller-Meeks has made “repeal and replace” ObamaCare as a hallmark of her campaign in both print media and in her public appearances.  You cannot campaign on the promise to repeal and replace this legislation while accepting any kind of help from the organization that along with the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance industry was most responsible for its passage.

What is the difference between Mariannette and our current liberal Congressman Dave Loebsack?  Apparently not as much as Mariannette would like you to believe that there is.

I am a consistent conservative and thus will provide a distinct contrast to Dave Loebsack in the November election. 

I would appreciate the support of the voters in Iowa’s 2nd District in the primary on Tuesday, June 8.  You will always know where Rob Gettemy stands on any issue and that I will not compromise my principles.”

Editor's Note:  You would THINK that the treasurer for the Moderette Miller-Meeks campaign would have picked up on the fact that the AMA donation exceeded (as originally submitted) federal guidelines on campaign contributions.  But the MMM treasurer failed to do so.  The treasurer apparently failed to see the mistake (part of his job after all...) and to top it off failed to issue a public correction.  The difference between a $50,000 vs. $5,000 contribution is HUGE, aside from the fact one is illegal......  Further, you would THINK that MMM would have picked up on it, with a donation in writing that large, but she didn't.  Another campaign brought it to light, NOT the campaign affected!  It seems that MMM hasn't associated herself with the sharpest treasurer, and her judgement as to who she plugs into important roles and what she cares to share with the public should be questioned.

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