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Typical liberal blog, typical liberal misinformation

With Senator Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., saying he would filibuster any healthcare bill he doesn't agree with, liberal blogs like are throwing hissyfits.

In attempting to slam Lieberman, Iowa Liberal wrote the following:  Lieberman doesn’t have a response to the facts, in that the public option will save money according to the CBO.

The problem with Iowa Liberal's statement is, it isn't fact, it's half-truth if not blatant misinformation.  The truth is the CBO numbers that Iowa Liberal is so over-eagerly jumping on were of a preliminary estimate of a ROUGH DRAFT for healthcare reform.  The CBO itself cautioned against using their preliminary estimates in considering the proposal.  Key words, 'preliminary' and 'rough draft.'  They weren't hard numbers.  Without an actual bill to score, the numbers of course will be off and not high enough to be considered accurate.  Iowa Liberal, ignored that reality.  Iowa Liberal ignored the fact that Democrats played the public for political gain.  Pelosi's 1,990 page House health care bill (H.R. 3962) as unveiled today has not been scored yet, watch for those 'estimates' to shoot WAY up.

The following statement by Iowa Liberal lacks logic and reality as well:  "Time and time again, the voters of Connecticut have been shown the folly of trusting Lieberman’s centrist cooings and assurances when he ran against the winner of the Democratic primary, Ned Lamont."

Time and again?  Senator Lieberman lost a Democrat primary battle for his seat in 2008, ok.  He may have lost his party race because he wasn't liberal enough, but in the general election the voters of Connecticut rejected liberal Ned Lamont and expressed their support for Lieberman - AGAIN - this time winning his seat - AGAIN - as an Independent.   Yep, that's "Time and again" all right.....

Liberal idiocy is being expressed at, if you need a laugh, check it out!

How to slow government growth? End taxpayer-funded lobbying.

By Ed Failor, Jr., President of Iowans for Tax Relief

It is time the State of Iowa begins to do business differently, and end the practice of allowing state employees to lobby lawmakers on spending issues.

Most Iowans probably do not realize when their lawmakers go to the Statehouse, 138 of the registered lobbyists, nearly 20% of the entire registry, are taxpayer funded. It is true; Iowa taxpayers are actually paying for state employees to lobby Iowa Legislators for more taxpayer dollars.

Taxpayer-funded state agency liaisons are lobbyists who influence lawmakers on state spending issues year after year. These lobbyists are paid for by your tax dollars, and their main job is to sway lawmakers into spending more of your tax dollars.

Lobbyists are not a core function of state government; especially when they are a leading factor in increased state spending. However, instead of spending our tax dollars on core functions of government, we are paying for lobbyists to fight for more money from hard-working Iowans. In the recently proposed budget cuts, almost 800 state workers will be laid off, but taxpayer-funded lobbyists are conspicuously absent.

It is during this time, when our state faces a great economic challenge, the practice of taxpayer-funded lobbyists needs to be eliminated.

Over $4 million is spent annually on state employee lobbyists, and this number does not include other areas of compensation, such as health insurance and other benefits. If Iowa lawmakers decided to eliminate taxpayer-funded lobbyists, the state would not have to layoff the proposed twenty state troopers and could save $3.5 million in the process!

It certainly is a conflict of interest for recipients of taxpayer money to lobby lawmakers to spend more of it.

When lawmakers were considering legislation to borrow billions of dollars, some taxpayer-funded lobbyists registered in favor and encouraged lawmakers to approve the debt spending plan. The borrowing plans were approved by the Legislature, and now Iowa taxpayers are on the hook to pay back a whopping $1.664 billion over the next twenty years. Were these state employee lobbyists looking out for the good of all Iowans or long-term job security?

The current practice of taxpayer-funded lobbyists needs to end now. Until last month's budget cuts, most state agencies had experienced record level budget increases in recent years. Clearly, state employee lobbyists were doing their jobs, balanced on the back of Iowa taxpayers.

Now the state is running short of funds, these taxpayer-funded lobbyists will likely encourage lawmakers to raise taxes next year instead of cutting their budgets.

Iowans send their hard-earned dollars to government with the thought they are funding essential government services, only for part of it to pay for taxpayer-funded state employees to lobby for more of our tax dollars. It is a vicious cycle which needs to be broken.

Area media not reporting impropriety

Area media is not reporting obvious impropriety.
Why Not?
Issue:  Johnson County Supervisor Vacancy
Kim Painter is the Recorder for Johnson County.  Kim Painter was on the steering committee for the elect Janelle Rettig for county supervisor campaign launched in May.  As County Recorder, Kim Painter is on the appointment committee for selecting someone to fill the vacant county supervisor seat resulting from the death of Supervisor Larry Meyers, who lost his battle with cancer.
Janelle Rettig has applied for the vacant seat. 
Not by coincidence, Kim Painter's name was removed from the steering committee list posted on the elect Janelle Rettig website shortly thereafter.
Kim Painter has not recused herself.
Have the area papers seriously covered this, let alone written a single news story on this?  Aside from some side bar mentions in a couple of opinion pieces, the answer is no.
Isn't media supposed to be a watchdog?  It seems area papers are lapdogs on this one.....

Iowa City leaders just don't get it

City of Iowa City bid for: 10-27 - Request for Proposal for an Infant Columbarium
due Thursday, November 12, 2009 by 2:30 PM

A new item up for bid has now been posted on View it now.

Description: The City of Iowa City is soliciting proposals from qualified professional firms to provide and install an Infant Columbarium and a Sculpture for the City of Iowa City's Oakland Cemetery (1000 Brown Street) per the terms and conditions, and the specifications referenced in the Request for Proposal document.

Editor's Note:  This is no small project folks, a columbarium is a building - usually pretty elaborate - used for the storage of urns holding cremated remains.  How much will this cost taxpayers, how elaborate is the building project?  Is the cemetary out of space and why is it only for infants?  How elaborate is this sculpture to be?  You see folks, this is the kind of stuff that gets slipped in and approved and done at an unknown cost without much public knowledge.  Then you have councilor Connie Champion and Mayor Bailey wanting to raise your electric bill to pay for some public safety personnel - whining that there's no more money in the budget.  Have councilors even attempted private donation for this?   

Contact Mayor Regina "Give me your money for sculpture" Bailey

Iowa City Council wants to raise taxes

The Iowa City Council just doesn't get it.  Raising taxes during an economic downturn is simply stupid.  There's no justification for it.  The true problem is that city government is TOO FAT!  Cut your budget. 

At Monday's work session, the Iowa City Council pretended to 'temper' its expectations for state funding in light of Governor Culver's announcement of a 10% across-the-board state budget cut.  Never mind that Culver put us in this position by spending our money as if it grows on trees, but that's a story for another day.....

In an Iowa City Press-Citizen report, council member Matt Hayek was quoted as saying, "Maybe a shorter, sweeter list would be received better."

"Sweeter list?"  According to who?

A wish list as opposed to a TRUE NEEDS list is going to do nothing but piss off taxpayers Mr. Hayek.  Was that just a poor choice of words or are you that out-of-touch with where the money truly comes from?

Arrogantly, the city council is going to push forward with the Utopian minded proposal for Amtrak passenger rail service to Iowa City. They even advocate commuter service to Cedar Rapids in the deal.  The cost estimates have been grossly understated (what government concept hasn't been?) and the ridership numbers have been grossly exaggerated.  Officials are lying to people.

Councilor Mike Wright said his No. 1 priority was rail service.  Let's see.....  Seeing that projects already on the table actually get done such as moving the water treatment plant, the needed fire station, addressing increased crime.......  No, let's ignore that stuff and focus on a pipe dream!  Oh yes, and chicken coops!

Newsflash:  Iowa City government is incapable of multi-tasking!

In a quest for more of your money and blowing off cutting their fat budget, the council is going to lobby for raising the hotel/motel tax.  Currently a tax of 7%, the council wants to raise it to 9%.  Never mind that the city does nothing to produce a product or service, they're just grabbing money willy-nilly.  Does the city provide the hotel water?  Yep, and the hotel pays a water bill.  Does the city provide street access?  Yep, the hotel and users pay a gas tax and the hotel owners pay property taxes.  Does the city provide police/fire protection and other emergency services?  Yep, and again, the hotel pays property taxes and a misc. assortment of other taxes going into the city's general fund. 

You see folks, hotels and their guests already pay their fair share of taxes.  The true problem is the city doesn't manage taxpayer money wisely.

The city asking for yet another tax increase is either done to cover their fiscally unsound butt or pure greed.  They realize they don't have enough money for projects, they screwed up, or they have wish lists and so they ask for yet more of your hard-earned cash.  That's the truth and you should be pissed off by such inept city management.

Demonstrating yet more greed and an out-of-touch council, the liberal leadership is also pushing to tax non-owner occupied condominiums as commercial properties. 

Again, the city is NOT providing any kind of product or service that justifies an increase in taxes.

The city doesn't know how to manage a budget in a fiscally wise manner.  They don't consider taxpayer money to be yours, it's theirs to spend, your bills and life expenses be damned!  Mayor Bailey wants more art, pay up.

This is your government at work folks, liberal Democrat leadership, wanting more of your money during lean economic times.  Contact Mayor Bailey, liberal Democrat, and tell her to make some REAL budget cuts.  If the people have to eat hamburger instead of steak, than so too does the government.

And shame on the Iowa City Press-Citizen for failing to ask any tough questions.

Local government thinks its omnipetent, Part I

Make no mistake, a Democrat machine has been built in Johnson County.  Everywhere you look, city leaders, city offices, county leaders, county offices - they're everywhere.

That's a problem.  Why?  Because our so-called leaders have gotten all too comfortable in their captains chairs, they've gotten used to being in office, they've become omnipetent.

Their mission has stopped being about serving the needs of the people of the community (and for some it never was), their mission has become one of exclusively serving the party that orchestrated their election.  Johnson County has become a Little Chicago of politics.

That's a big problem.

In a series of looks into the elected officials of Johnson County and area communities, here's one on County Auditor Tom Slockett.

Tom has been the county's auditor for over 30 years.  Talk about being 'established' and set in your ways.....  Oh, and what about that Founding Father desire of serving the public for a bit but NOT being a career elected official?  Who cares about the wisdom in that right?  Ladies and gentlemen, Tom has been arrested for drunk driving twice.  His party co-horts shrug that off and look the other way.   Change Slockett's party affiliation from a 'D' to a 'R' and he would have literally been tossed out of office.  Can you say, "Double-standard?"  Yes you can.... 

His office has had a number of election day snafus over the years.  Ask the question, 'at a rate higher than other counties?'  Hmmmmm?  Such snafus have not negatively affected Democrats, so it's shrug off and look the other way by the party in control - Democrats.  Gee, what a surprise. 

Tom has faced a number of grievances filed by employees for office conduct.  It's been shrugged off, look the other way by the party....  It's no coincidence that the turnover rate for employment in his office is curiously high.

Slockett has a prominent link to his personal Twitter account on the Johnson County Auditor website, condoned by members of the party.  That's right, a personal link on an official county government website. Appearance of partisanship?  Who cares! Listed right there on the front page along with links to voter registration information, county supervisor vacancy updates, various county election returns and other data, is Slockett's PERSONAL Twitter account spewing liberal Democrat points of view.  As of this writing, Slockett tweeted about his support for government-run healthcare.  Such commentary does NOT belong on a county government website.  Sheer arrogance is what keeps that online.  Email him, remind him that he is an employee of the people and demand that he take his liberal ideology off a county website.

As part of a county supervisor vacancy, Slockett is a member of a committee tasked with finding someone to replace the late Larry Meyers, who passed away recently after a battle with cancer.  That 'committee' includes County Recorder Kim Painter - liberal Democrat, and county Treasurer Tom Kriz - Democrat.  Those liberals-in-charge could have chosen to hold a special election, but Slockett pushed for the appointment option under the guise of saving taxpayers $75,000.  Funny, liberal officials have never been fiscally conservative before.......  Today the 'annointment' committee held a meeting and narrowed a field of 16 candidates for the supervisor seat down to eight.  In rejecting eight of the candidates, Slockett pushed to eliminate all people who had run for office before but lost, and eliminate those who indicated they would not run for re-election once the Meyers term was fulfilled.  How about that criteria huh?   Slockett's push eliminated possible representation on the board for North Liberty, rural West Branch, Penn Township and Tiffin.  Their voices on county affairs were silenced.  So much for having VALID selection criteria huh?

Your Democrat leadership at work......

Johnson County Supervisor appointment smells of impropriety

So a committee of county officials - all Democrats - decided to appoint someone instead of holding an election to fill the vacant seat on the Johnson County Board of Supervisors.

The committee, comprised of county auditor Tom "DUI" Slockett, county recorder Kim "Was-on-steering-committee-of-the-Janelle-Rettig-campaign-for-supervisor" Painter and Tom "Conflict? What Conflict" Kriz opted to appoint someone to the Supervisor seat vacated by Larry Meyers who died on September 22 after a battle with cancer.  The committee will make a final decision on the appointee on October 28.  The reason given for making an appointment instead of holding a special election was cost, which according to Auditor Slockett would be about $75,000.

Sixteen people have applied for the vacancy.

Has county government become a "Little Chicago" of politics?  Evidence exists of one party, their way or no way rule.  Do we have a machine in place?  Here are some reasons to reject what appears to be a tainted appointment process and demand a special election for the Johnson County Supervisor vacancy.

County Auditor Tom Slockett - Longtime Johnson County Democrat/Auditor and on the appointment committee.  Arrested twice for being drunk and getting behind the wheel, the most recent in 2007.  Often has 'issues' on election day.

John Deeth - He has become influential in Johnson County's voting process.  An employee of the Auditor's office, liberal Democrat, blogger and party activist, Deeth's bio is a concern with some incidents dating back to 2003 which we're currently investigating.  

Janelle Rettig - Longtime Democrat party activist, announced a bid to run for county supervisor 2010 earlier this year and has applied for the supervisor vacancy.

County Supervisor Rod Sullivan - Longtime Johnson County Democrat, activist, and former county party chair.  If your point of view is different than his, he sends you vulgar emails, calls you at home and threatens physical violence.  Has worked closely with Janelle Rettig on a number of projects/issues.

County Attorney Janet Lyness - Should Painter have some intellectual honesty and recuse herself from this appointment process, Lyness would step in on the committee.  She's a concern because she excused Johnson County officials from having a conflict of interest in the Conservation Bond issue in being members of the Johnson County Heritage Trust pushing an agenda of green space.

County Treasurer Tom Kriz - A do whatever the party machine says to do kind of guy......  Longtime party member and on the appointment committee.

All these people are part of the local Democrat machine.  It can be argued that these people in positions of power and authority do things how they want, as in party before the people's interests.  Are you OK with that?

A petition is being circulated requesting a special election be held. 

This story is developing......

Liberal idiocy in our schools - common sense is history

So a 17-year-old Eagle Scout, National Guard member and high school senior keeps survival gear LOCKED in his car....  And when it is discovered by a moron principal that it contains a 2 inch pocket knife, the kid gets suspended.

The knife never entered the school, it was never used on school property.  The principal of Lansingburgh High in upstate New York is a MORON.  Keep a sleeping bag, water, a military meal-ready-to-eat (MRE) and a small knife in your car and some MORON can suspend you.

Matthew Whalen, 17, was suspended from school for 30 days (suspension effective September 21, with Whalen not to return until October 21) because of a zero tolerance policy for weapons.  A two-inch knife is a weapon....  Please, a letter opener, a sharp pencil, a good quality pen can do the same if not more damage.....

Funny thing is, the knife at issue in this case is not considered a weapon by the New York State Education Department.  Definitions and punishments for 'weapons' are left up to local school boards to decide.  Again, the principal of Lansingburgh High is a moron.

Whalen's 'criminal' record:  Eagle Scout, honors student, and recipient of a life-saving award from the Boy Scouts.  Whalen recently completed an Army basic training course, serves as a member of the National Guard and has applied to attend Army's West Point Academy.

Never mind that the kid drives to school, that a car could be a much more potent weapon than a locked up 2 inch knife that never entered the school......