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The twisted mentality of a Johnson County liberal

Rod sullivan The United Way allows people to feel good about themselves. But let’s not confuse charity with justice. If you fight to lower your income tax rate, lower your tax rate on capital gains, lower the inheritance tax, hand tax dollars to private companies, decrease government regulation, stop consumer protection lawsuits, prevent people from unionizing, increase criminal penalties, segregate communities, limit voting, limit marriage rights, etc…then give $1000 to United Way?

Your $1000 in charity is no substitute for the real justice you oppose.

- Johnson County Supervisor Rod sullivan

Some people do use charities to feel better about themselves, that's not being denied here, but this is Rod's way of saying you're being a hypcrite, without using the word.  He thinks people can't justfiably call him on it because he didn't actually use the word.  And how about that broad party-line brush Sullivan is painting with huh?

That's the mentality of a liberal.  Throw out some irresponsible stereotyping and labels, make unsubstantiated claims such as, 'limit voting' and that successfully paints you as a hypocrite in a liberal mind.

Problem is, Sullivan's words are flawed. 

According to Sullivan,it's wrong of you to fight for lower taxes and more responsible government.  Shame on you for doing that and thinking a donation to the United Way absolves that *sin*!  My gosh, don't you know?  You're not supposed to demand government be fiscally responsible when liberals are in charge! 

Heck, you're not donating to the United Way out of the goodness of your heart or believe in the cause, you're only doing it because you think it will erase some kind of wrong you supposedly committed right?  Why, you evil union-thwarting thug you! 

Perhaps Sullivan assumes (wrongfully) you're donating with some kind of ulterior motive because that's how he operates?

How DARE you fight to keep more of your hard-earned money!  That's another *sin* in Sullivan's eyes.  After all, charitable giving shouldn't be up to you, it should be in the hands of government.  In the mental cave of a Sullivan liberal, all government crafted by a liberal is good, there's no fraud, waste, abuse, there are no unintended consequences and government doesn't take too much of our money.  Under the guise of 'for the greater good,' creating and achieving should be punished with higher taxation.  

Phillip garrido How DARE you ask for tougher criminal penalties!  Meanwhile, people like sex offender and parolee Phillip Garrido kidnapped and raped an 11-year-old girl.  Shame on you for wanting the Phillip Garridos of the world to have served a lot more time in jail, preventing a kidnapping and rape! 

And just who is limiting voting anyway? Sullivan made the claim, but completely failed to back it up.  Who is segregating communities? Conveniently, Sullivan didn't say.  In fact, Sullivan made a number of pretty serious charges without providing an ounce of substance to back them up.  Where's the honor in that?  How is that the stuff of a leader?   How is making a bunch of half-truth, omission ridden, misinforming charges a responsible thing to do?  It's undeniable that what Sullivan did was to imply that if you're of the conservative stripe on any given issue he listed, then your stance isn't justifiable, it's a stance in hypocrisy or a sin against *the people*.  

Does Sullivan think he's some kind of god?  If you fight for something you believe in but Sullivan disagrees with it - then somehow you sinned?  That's nothing short of a twisted mentality and it's right here in Johnson County, sitting in a Supervisor's chair.

Liberal leadership betrays us

"The people can never wilfully betray their own interests; but they may possibly be betrayed by the representatives of the people; and the danger will be evidently greater where the whole legislative trust is lodged in the hands of one body of men, than where the concurrence of separate and dissimilar bodies is required in every public act." --Federalist No. 63

Trying to rush a 1,000 + page bill on healthcare through Congress in two weeks so nobody will have time to actually read the bill is an act of betrayal.  That's what the Nancy Pelosi (liberal - CA.) led U.S. House did before they went on summer recess.

Telling people that ObamaCare will not lead to rationed healthcare, that it will control costs and will not lead to more deficit spending is an act of betrayal.  But that's what King Obama and his liberal court is trying to feed us.  Their claims don't pass the smell test.  How can you add approximately 50 million people to the healthcare roles, NOT add doctors, nurses, specialists, but maintain the same level of care AND keep costs down?  You can't.

Liberal leadership isn't being upfront with us, they're talking down to us, they're conducting verbal assaults on people who are opposed to ObamaCare instead of debating the merits.  That's not leadership, it's flat out betrayal.  Where is the honor in playing political games with the American people?

How Cap and Tax will Hurt Iowa

By Todd Hollenbeck

Iowa_state_flag In our continuing, daily, state by state, look at the financial impact of the Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade Tax Bill, we will show you the projected losses in Gross State Product, Personal Income, and Non- Farm Jobs in Iowa.
Detailed information on this and other energy taxes can be found in the Americans for Tax Reform Energy Tax Analysis, May 2009
According to a study by Karen Campbell, Ph.D. and David Kreutzer, Ph.D. at the Heritage Foundation, Iowa will suffer the following losses in 2012 as a result of Cap and Tax: 
  • A decline in Gross State Product of –$1,482,790,000
  • Total Personal Income Loss of –$1,872,170,000
  • Non-Farm Job losses of 17888 
An update to the Heritage Foundation’s study further shows an: 
  • Increase in Electricity Prices from 2012-2035 of $555.20 per household.
  • Increase in Gas Prices from 2012-2035 of $0.68 per gallon. 
Contact your Senators today and tell them to VOTE NO on the Waxman-Markey Energy Tax.
Senator Chuck Grassley: (202) 224-3744
Senator Tom Harkin: (202) 224-3254 

10 Reasons Consumer-Driven Health Care Works

By Greg Scandlen

MOUNT PLEASANT, IA. -- The Consumer-Driven Health-Care revolution involves Americans reclaiming their right to buy services that they decide are useful. “They are shrugging off control by politicians, insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, federal agencies, and employers, all of whom are fighting to get the money Americans spend on health care,” said Greg Scandlen, Director of Consumers for Health Care Choices, a project of The Heartland Institute in Illinois.

This revolution began six years ago, when consumers were able to redirect health-care money into deposits such as health savings accounts (HSA), flexible spending accounts, and insurance policies with low premiums and high deductibles.  Empowered by control over their own money, consumers increasingly demanded the information needed to make good decisions about health care. This changes the delivery system to make health care more efficient, more accountable, more convenient, and more affordable. Recent studies find that consumer-driven health-care plans are being used by 20 percent of privately insured people.  This is an astonishing rate of growth for an idea that began just six years ago. 

What happens in Consumer-Driven Health Care? When consumers have more control? Premiums are dramatically reduced, as is the rate of premium increase from year to year. Consumers can use the savings to fund their health savings accounts, and the money in those accounts is tax advantaged, saving even more. Consumers may choose their own provider and services.  People with consumer-driven plans change their behavior, get more value, become better informed, and are increasingly satisfied with their coverage.

Consumer-driven care enables consumers to refocus the health-care system to do what is most essential: provide consumers with care. But to get there, consumers must first control the money. Then we can force the needed changes. “The answer is self-reliance and the freedom to choose for ourselves how our money will be spent,” said Scandlen.

“10 Reasons Consumer-Driven Health Care Works,” from Public Interest Institute’s IOWA ECONOMIC SCORECARD, is available at

We Need to Talk: A 90-Minute Seminar on Family Conversations with Older Drivers

Talking with an older driver about stopping or altering driving can be a difficult conversation. This seminar offers easy-to-use, practical information to help families talk to their loved ones about whether it is time to limit or give up driving. The seminar will cover topics like recognizing warning signs, conversation openers, how to construct a caring, and effective conversation about driving, selecting the right messenger, and finding other forms of transportation so your loved ones can continue to be active and remain part of the community.

The seminar, Monday, September 14 from 7:00 - 8:30 PM in room 202 at the Iowa City Senior Center, 28 S Linn St., Iowa City, is limited to 15 participants and pre-registration is required. This seminar fills quickly so plan to register early. Register for class 1101.301 by calling the Center at 319-356-5220.

This important seminar is free and open to the adult public. For further information, contact Susan Rogusky at 356-5224 or

Editor's Note:  Just what we need, government-sponsored seminars and *counseling*.  Government doesn't know how to operate within a budget, prioritize, or give us both sides of an issue - but apparently they know how to communicate with older drivers!  Your tax dollars at work ladies and gentlemen!

Iowa City Hydrant Flushing Begins In September

IOWA CITY, IA. -- In September 2009, the Iowa City Water Division will begin flushing fire hydrants. Fire hydrants are flushed in the spring and fall, as part of a regularly scheduled maintenance program, to insure that they are in good working order. This work will be performed during the weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

When hydrant flushing is being performed in your neighborhood, you may notice rusty colored water in your home. The water is safe, however this discoloration may be a problem if you are washing laundry.

Here are some precautions you may take:

• If you notice discolored water coming from your faucet, let it run until the color clears.
• Wash laundry in the evenings or on the weekend, not during the times flushes are being performed.
• If by accident you do wash a load and rusty looking streaks appear on your laundry, do not use bleach to clean the articles as this will set stains permanently. A product called "Iron Out" may be purchased at some hardware and grocery stores and has a successful track record in removing reddish iron stains from fabrics.

Weather permitting, the fire hydrant flushes will be performed for approximately two months. If you have questions or need further information please call the Water Division at (319)356-5166.

March in the UI Homecoming Parade with the Senior Center Drill and Dance Team

IOWA CITY, IA. -- Calling all Senior Hawkeye Fans! Join the Senior Center Drill and Dance Team and march in the Homecoming Parade on Friday, October 9. Practice for the parade is Wednesday's from 4-4:30 PM in the Senior Center Assembly room from September 2 through October 8.

The Drill and Dance team, founded in the fall of 2006, has performed in the UI Homecoming parades, during half-time at UI women's basketball games, at the UI dance Marathons and other locations throughout Johnson County. Practice continues year-round and public performance is not mandatory. Feel free to join just for the fun and great exercise!

Individuals who do not want to learn a routine but still want to participate with the Drill and Dance team in the parade are invited to practice at 4 PM on October 6 and 8.

For further information, contact Shirley Myers at 351-5872 or the Senior Center at 356-5220.

Climate Change Bill Gets Mixed Reviews

Since the flurry of activity surrounding its passage by the House in late June, little has been heard about the historic climate change bill aimed at curbing global warming. But the Senate will be tackling the controversial measure when it returns to Washington next week. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that public sentiment on the bill, which opponents claim will have a negative overall impact on the U.S. economy, is largely unchanged over the last two months. 

University of Iowa Children's Hospital studying H1N1 flu vaccine

University of Iowa Children's Hospital begins participating today in a National Institutes of Health (NIH) clinical trial to test an investigational vaccine for 2009 H1N1 (swine-origin) flu along with the seasonal influenza vaccine in children.

St. Louis University is the lead site for this pediatric study, which involves a total of six institutions and an expected 650 participants total. At UI Children's Hospital, the study will enroll approximately 100 participants.

The study will examine safety and measure the body's immune response to the investigational H1N1 flu vaccine. In addition, the research will help determine how and when the H1N1 flu shot should be given with the seasonal flu shot to make it most effective. It also will analyze potential problems of giving the vaccines together, such as whether one vaccine will undermine the protective power of the other.

"We need to know how the H1N1 flu and seasonal flu vaccines impact each other because both types of flu may be circulating this year," said Patricia Winokur, M.D., principal investigator for the UI Children's Hospital site and a professor of internal medicine at the UI Carver College of Medicine.

Specifically, the investigational H1N1 influenza vaccine will be administered at the same time, before or after the seasonal influenza vaccine is given to different participants.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recently recommended all people ages 6 months to 24 years receive the H1N1 influenza vaccine when it is available. In making its recommendations, the group considered current disease patterns and current trends that showed populations most at risk of serious illness, among other factors.

The panel recommended vaccinating children ages 6 months to 18 because of the high number of cases of H1N1 influenza infection already seen in that age group. In addition, because children frequently are in school and day care, they are in close contact with each other, which makes it easier to spread disease.

The pediatric study is among several NIH-sponsored H1N1 studies that will collectively involve thousands of volunteers from all age groups nationwide. University of Iowa Health Care began participating in one of the adult H1N1 studies on Aug. 11.

All the studies are funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of NIH and involve eight NIAID Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Units, including the unit at the UI.