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The proper role of government

Ladies and gentlemen,

We're surrounded by liberal idiots.

As most entities of government in Johnson County continue to deficit spend and irresponsibly attempt to raise taxes to compensate, liberals fail to realize that no society has ever taxed itself into prosperity, they've only come to ruin.

Quality of life issues such as good roads, clean water and public safety are proper roles of government. But those other things such as entertainment, income, and health care are not.

If you disagree with that statement, then you don't know squat about why our Founding Fathers did what they did in fighting the Revolutionary War.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - does NOT mean a *guaranteed* equal outcome.

Each human being is different. Each human being possesses different talents.

Whether you liberals care to admit it or not, the Obama/Reid/Pelosi *stimulus* package, the repeated bailouts, the President's $3.55 TRILLION budget, the increased government control over private enterprise - it all puts us on a road to socialism.

Our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves.

We can no longer feed the voracious tax appetite of local officials

Dear Coralville,

I'm sorry to inform you that I'm not going to be able to pay the local "option" sales tax you are proposing.  But all is not lost, I'm paying these taxes:

accounts receivable tax
building permit tax
dog license tax
federal income tax
unemployment tax
gas tax
hunting license tax
fishing license tax
waterfowl stamp tax
inheritance tax
inventory tax
liquor tax
Medicare tax
school tax
PPEL tax
library tax
pool tax
Conservation Bond tax
City and county property tax
Social Security tax
road use tax
toll road tax
state sales tax
vehicle license tax
SUV tax
state unemployment tax
telephone tax
telephone federal state and local surcharge tax
telephone minimum usage surcharge tax
utility tax
capital gains tax
lease severance tax

Empty_pockets .....and many more I can't recall but I've run out of writing space and money.  When you do not see my purchases being made locally, just know that it's out of necessity.  Please be advised that I'll try to start buying locally again just as soon as I get my stimulus check (cough).


Joe Johnson County Resident

When government asks for money, don't believe their excuse

Citigroup is tanking

The Federal Government told us, We need to do these bailouts, this is a fiscal emergency and we have to address it right now.  Our plan will work, trust us. 

Taxpayers are being ripped off.

Money_down_toilet In three different "rescue" attempts starting in 2008, the Federal government has committed Joe Taxpayer to absorb up to $247.5 billion of Citigroup’s losses.

The fed's plan isn't working.  It's money - your money - being flushed down a toilet.

Citigroup's stock fell below $1 a share today on the New York Stock Exchange.


Editor's Note:  No company is too big to fail. The market has a remedy for this, it's called bankruptcy court. 

Too many of our elected officials in Washington are arrogant.  They lack common sense and discipline.  They think they know how to 'fix' things and they're just making matters worse, MUCH worse.  It's that, or some officials just see this as an opportunity to nationalize banks for greater control over our daily lives.  Either condition is bad.