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Dave 'Lockstep' Loebsack voted 'Yes' for bailout

Falling in line with Nancy Pelosi wishes, Congressman Dave Loebsack voted 'yes' to give a handout to Wall Street, at the expense of those living on Main Street back here at home in Iowa.

Dave_loebsackLockstep Loebsack voted yes despite overwhelming cries from Iowans against the House bill.  Staff from the offices of Tom Latham and Charles Grassley for example, reported that phone calls, letters, and emails were overwhelmingly against the bailout bill. 

"I have to tell you that the phone calls from my Iowa constituents, thus far, are very much against this bailout," said Senator Grassley in a recent Gazette interview.

Even Democrat Bruce Braley of Iowa's 1st District thought the bill was too much of a gift to Wall Street, that the cost to taxpayers was too much.  Braley was one of 94 other Democrats voting against the bill.

A phone call placed with Loebsack's Iowa City office went for all intents and purposes unanswered.  The staff member taking the call tried very hard to refer questions to the Washington office and would not confirm how Loebsack voted. 

Loebsack put Wall Street over Main Street.  Is that what the good people of Iowa sent him to Washington to do?  Hem hawing on inquiries?  That's what main street Iowans sent Dave to do?

Bailout Crisis? What Bailout Crisis?

If the supposed financial crisis on Wall Street is soooooooo severe, then why hasn't a bill passed?  Democrats hold the majority in the House.  If they really wanted to pass some GOOD legislation, they could.  They don't need a single GOP vote to get things done.

The U.S. House voted no and defeated a $700 billion emergency rescue for the nation's financial system on Monday, putting a stop to what some have termed a socialist takeover of the markets.

The vote was 228-205 to reject the bill, with Speaker Pelosi, a Democrat, blaming a baker's dozen number of Republicans for the defeat.  What Pelosi intentionally omitted in her post vote comments, is that 94 Democrats also voted no. 

The Democrats also hold a majority in the Senate.  The Senate has yet to conduct a vote on the financial bailout.  They could hold this vote at any time.  Remember now, every elected official has been crying about how urgent passage is needed.  Many wanted something passed last week.  So why then is the Senate, led by Harry Reid, a Democrat, waiting to conduct their vote?  It's an election year, they wanted to wait and see how the House vote would turn out.

Bailout crisis?  What bailout crisis?  Why all this political manuevering if there is such a crisis?

The bottom line is the House bill was a bad bill.  The country will go through some pain if no bill is passed.  But the dirty little secret is - the country will still go through some pain even if a revised bill passes.  Legislation is of no consequence, there will be pain with or without a bill. 

The truth is we need to let capitalism do it's thing.  We're in this deep of a mess to begin with because government tinkered with capitalism.  Government decisions and tinkering inflated housing prices, government twisted the arms of mortgage lenders to get them to reduce loan qualification requirements, government promised to back loans when it really wasn't in a position to do so.

Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chistopher Dodd and Barack Obama want something passed because it will cover their butts, not because they truly care about you.

Supervisor Rod Sullivan and Conflict of Interest

Rod_sullivan_2Rod Sullivan is the Chairman of the Johnson County Board of Supervisors.  As chairman and the influence that goes with that position, Rod voted his approval in putting a $20 million bond issue on the November 4 general election ballot.  The issue is motivated by the county Conservation Board's request to buy up real estate in Johnson County.

If approved by 60 percent of Johnson County voters in November, the measure would collect taxes to buy up land scattered throughout the county.  The issue is vague on details as far was what land specifically would be purchased, how it is to be used, how expensive each parcel of land will be, and at what additional price tag to taxpayers those lands will cost to maintain.  Basically, the county wants a blank check for $20 million.

In addition to approving the bond issue for the ballot, Supervisor Rod Sullivan is also a member of The Johnson County Heritage Trust (JCHT).  The JCHT is a nonprofit conservation land trust dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of natural areas in Johnson County.

Why Sullivan did not recuse himself from the vote to approve the ballot measure should be a concern to voters.  Can you say, "Conflict of interest?" 

This also begs the question, "Are other County Supervisors also members of the JCHT?" 

Sullivan's motivation to get the bond issue on the November ballot is clear as day.  He is a "proud member" (his words) of an organization that buys up land in the name of preservation and enjoyment of natural areas.  That's fine, that's America.  But did he exercise undue influence in giving the green light to the bond issue?  Was this an item put up with a personal agenda in mind? 

Taxpayer dollars are at stake here.

Contact the Board

Email Rod Sullivan

County buying up flooded property too

JOHNSON COUNTY -- The Johnson County Board of Supervisors has approved a plan to acquire flooded properties.   Submitting a Notice of Intent application through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, Johnson County is interested in purchasing rural residences. 

Johnson County¹s intent is to buy properties located in the floodway, focusing on the Iowa City neighborhood areas of Riverfront Estates and the Izaak Walton League. 

Over 50 properties were listed in the application, but only 25 property owners have actually requested buyouts according to County Supervisor Rod Sullivan. 

"In a perfect world, the County would be able to buy out a whole neighborhood. That way, we could close the road, shut off utilities, and have minimal expenses for fire and police. The whole area would sit in a natural state," stated Sullivan.

Also according to Sullivan, the estimated cost to county taxpayers for this buyout would be approximately $997,000.  The cities of Coralville and Iowa City are also pursuing property buyouts, at additional cost to taxpayers.

In considering the flood buyout proposals already in motion, many voters are questioning the need for the proposed Conservation Board bond issue.  Over and above flood recovery and relief issues, the Johnson County Conservation Board is asking voters to cough up an additional $20 million to buy up unspecified lands, with unspecified uses.  The issue is on the November general election ballot. 

Ignoring the money needed for those flood recovery and relief efforts, proponents of the bond issue want to buy up land in Johnson county.  But questions about what land specifically, how much each parcel will cost, what the lands will be used for and at what additional cost to maintain have yet to be properly answered.  General concept desires such as bike trails and parks have been floated out to the public, but details are vague.


Manners are important

KUDOS:  To the gentleman opening the door for the lady at the Coralville library.  It's good to see those kind of nice gestures.

COMPLAINT:  To late arriving people pushing their way to be curbside, standing in front of people and obstructing their view and access at the U of I Homecoming parade.  Many parade go'ers, took the time to prepare, arrived early, found a nice place to sit, brought their folding chairs, some drinks and snacks to enjoy the parade curbside.  Their eight-year-old kids for example were there to enjoy not only the floats and other parade entries, but to participate in the tradition of candy tossing.  Rude people, young adult age, ruined that pre-planning, by pushing themselves ahead of those seated curbside, and standing in front three/four deep, obstructing views and preventing kids from enjoying candy tosses. 

Democrats continue to stir up racial/class resentment

In a recent appearance on Larry King is still alive, Bill Clinton tells CNN's Larry about his plans to help Obama win Florida:

"You know, they think that because of who I am and where my political base has traditionally been, they may want me to go sort of hustle up what Lawton Chiles used to call the 'cracker vote' there."

Hustle up the cracker vote?  Clinton referenced Lawton Chiles, another Democrat, who did use the word "cracker" during a campaign event with Clinton in 1996 according to a Hearst newspapers story:

"I know this fella from Arkansas," boasted Florida Gov. Lawton Chiles as he introduced Bill Clinton to a Democratic fund-raising reception in this GOP stronghold. "And I can tell you he knows how to speak cracker."

There's been accusations by some in the drive by media and by Obama himself that some in the GOP are playing the race card.  Obama's 'they're afraid' statement that he doesn't look like the other presidents on the dollar bills comes to mind.......  The GOP isn't playing the race card, they're not playing class warfare, the Democrats are.  Clinton's usage is the latest evidence that it's the Democrats who are the race-obsessed.  Obama's statements about working-class voters getting bitter and clinging to their guns and religion is evidence of just who is playing class resentment games.

This is the stuff of positive change?

RPI: Biden’s Bad Week

A Collection Of Some Of The Better Biden Moments From The Past Week

Biden Said That His Own Campaign Ad Criticizing John McCain's Computer Use Was "Terrible." CBS' Katie Couric: "Are you disappointed with the tone of the campaign -- the lipstick on the pig stuff and some of the ads? And you guys haven't been completely guilt-free, making fun of John McCain's inability to use a computer?" Biden: "I thought that was terrible, by the way." Couric: "Why'd you do it then?" Biden: "I didn't know we did it, and if I'd had anything to do with it, we would have never done it. I don't think Barack ... you know, I just think that was..." Couric: "Did Barack Obama approve that ad? He said he did, right?" Biden: "I don't think anything was intentional about that. They were trying to make another point." (CBS' "Evening News," 9/22/08)

Biden Said "We're Not Supporting 'Clean Coal'":

Biden Said That He Didn't Support Clean Coal And Said "No Coal Plants Here In America." Person: "Senator, Senator, wind and solar are flourishing here in Ohio, so why are you supporting clean coal?" Biden: "Say ... I didn't hear what you said." Person: "Wind and solar are flourishing here in Ohio, so why are you supporting clean coal?" Biden: "We're not supporting 'clean coal.' Guess what. China's building two every week. Two dirty coal plants. And it's polluting the United States. It's causing people to die." Person: "So will you support wind and solar?" Biden: "Absolutely. Before anybody did. The first guy to introduce a global warming bill was me, 22 years ago. The first guy to support solar energy was me, 26 years ago. It came out of Delaware. But guess what. China is gonna burn three hundred years of bad coal unless we figure out how to clean their coal up. Because it's going to ruin your lungs and there's nothing we can do about it. No coal plants here in America. Build them, if they're going to build them over there make 'em clean because they're killing you." (Joe Biden, Remarks, Maumee, OH, 9/17/08)

And One More Whopper:

Biden Said "It's Time To Be Patriotic" And Pay Higher Taxes.

Biden: "We want to take money and put it back in the pocket of middle-class people." ABC's Kate Snow: "Anybody making over $250,000..." Biden: "Is gonna pay more." Snow: "Is going to pay more." Biden: "You got it. It's time to be patriotic, Kate. Time to jump in. Time to be part of the deal. Time to help get America out of the rut." (ABC's "Good Morning America," 9/18/08)

RPI: The question remains - Obama, Fannie, & Freddie

“While the American taxpayer’s hard-earned money was corrupted by a government-backed mortgage business in Washington, Barack Obama took record amount of their campaign cash, and did absolutely nothing to regulate their books.  Just like he did over two years ago, Barack Obama chooses to ignore John McCain’s calls to regulate and reform Fannie and Freddie, while defending his own affiliations with their corrupted corporate executives and his stockpile of campaign cash. 

“One question remains. Did Barack Obama provide Fannie Mae special access when he appointed Fannie Mae’s embattled former CEO Jim Johnson to lead his vice presidential search committee while Mr. Johnson was still receiving $71,000 a month from Fannie Mae?”  ---Tucker Bounds, spokesman McCain-Palin 2008

Three Key Facts:

1.   John McCain introduced reforms and regulation for Fannie and Freddie over two years ago.

2.  While taking $120,000 in campaign cash in just 3 years, Barack Obama has maintained Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s broken business model.

3.  Barack Obama appointed embattled former Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson to lead his Vice Presidential search. At that same time Jim Johnson was receiving a $71,000 per month in pension benefits from Fannie Mae.  Johnson also received millions in compensation due to accounting manipulation at Fannie Mae.

Election Day is approaching, RPI needs your help!

The Republican Party of Iowa is looking for individuals to serve as poll watchers for the general election, November 4, 2008.  Poll Watching is an incredibly rewarding experience that enables individuals to see the election process in action.

For further information or to sign up please contact Director of Election Day Operations Danny McNamara at or by phone at (515) 864-6127.

RPI: Iowa Business and Government Leaders Highlight McCain-Palin Economic Plan & Why it’s Best for Iowans

ANKENY, IA. -- Several state and local elected officials met Wednesday with leaders at Accumold, a plastics manufacturing firm based in Ankeny, to discuss the benefits of the McCain-Palin economic plan and why it is the best choice for Iowa taxpayers.

State Representative Carmine Boal of Ankeny, State Senators Brad Zaun of Urbandale and Larry Noble of Ankeny, and Polk County Supervisor E.J. Giovannetti toured the Accumold facility and then held a press conference with CFO Steve Boal to show support for the McCain-Palin plan.  The conference also touched on concerns with the Obama-Biden economic plan that calls for raising taxes on many Americans and the businesses that employ them. 

Steve Boal is uniquely aware of how increased taxes and regulations can adversely affect both families and businesses.  As the chief financial officer for Accumold, he is the first to see how new taxes and red tape can strain his company’s budget making it harder for them to expand and create new jobs. 

“I believe Obama’s ideas for change are taking America down the wrong path,” Boal said.  “We need less government, not more, because more government translates to higher taxes.”

Boal also knows the negative effects higher taxes have on families across Iowa.  His wife is State Rep. Carmine Boal of Ankeny who also attended the conference.

“Obama has said repeatedly that he’s going to ‘tax the rich’ more in order to help the middle class, but his record doesn’t show that,” Rep. Boal said.  “He has already voted to raise taxes on Americans making $42,000 a year, why wouldn’t he do it again?”

State Sen. Brad Zaun’s district does not include the Accumold facility, but called it a, “great success story for Ankeny,” and cited it as an example of smart economic growth. 

“Tax breaks always help stimulate new investment and development, no matter where they come from,” Sen. Zaun said.  “It’s that investment that enables lawmakers to then keep taxes down.”

State Sen. Larry Noble said that the McCain-Palin plan would be more productive in helping the small businesses that employ the majority of Iowans. 

“Bureaucracy and taxes don’t make us stronger, it just drags us down.”  Sen. Noble said.

Steve Boal summed up the discussion saying, “John McCain’s philosophy supports smaller government and lower taxes while Obama’s plans include more government.  More government is not what Accumold needs.”