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Friday night at the Wig & Pen

The best indicator of a favorite local restaurant/pub is a full parking lot.  Showing up twenty five minutes early for a 7:30 appointment and not able to find a parking spot right away prompted the question, "Was it a good idea to have a meeting here on a Friday night?"

It all turned out ok.  The wait for a table was about a half-hour, the rest of the meeting party showing up around 7:30 didn't have a long wait at all.  It was a bit loud around the bar area, but it was after all a Friday night.

The food was great, the service was top notch, the prices very reasonable.  The Wigatoni - a signature dish - was outstanding as usual.  Another in the group stated that the fish & chips were the best he had ever eaten.  That's what's so great about the Wig & Pen, consistency.  The always good food and friendly service are why it's a favorite place for so many people.

5_star On a scale of five stars, the Wig & Pen rates a five!

The Wig & Pen is located at:  1220 Hwy 6 W, Iowa City, IA. 52246  PH:  319-354-2767

Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon

Attending a dinner meeting, the casual steakhouse chain proved to be a decent place to conduct one.  Seated in the Alamo Room, the surroundings were quiet, the food was good, the service was adequate.

The steak was prepared as requested, however the serving size was larger than asked for.  Prices have also climbed at the Lonestar, a Texas Ribeye, two sides, and two drinks came to about $30.00.  The wait staff did their jobs, but in a 'just going through the motions' kind of way.  That being written, if the choice were to be between the Outback or the Lonestar, the choice would be the Lonestar.

3_star The Lone Star receives three out of five stars.

The Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon is located at:

210 Second Street
IA, 52241-2608
Ph: 319 / 341-8444

Want a good Mexican meal? Try the Cancun

In a family night out on a Saturday, we were welcomed into the Cancun, a nicely casual, Mexican restaurant.  The service was top notch, the portions were huge, the food was delicious.  The younger kids enjoyed the burger and chicken tender options on the menu. 

The telltale signs of a good Mexican restaurant?  Warm chips, good salsa and tasty margaritas - the Cancun scores well.  A family of five can eat well and take home some leftovers for about $50.00. 

5_star On a scale of five stars, The Cancun rates a five!  The Cancun is located at:

708 1st Ave
Coralville, IA 52241
(319) 339-8500

Local liberal blames recent tornadoes on global warming

The brazen manipulation is so very frustrating.  When over 50 people are killed by horrible storms generating a lot of tornadoes, what kind of person would be ugly enough to politicize this natural disaster?

Maria Houser Conzemius.  She’s a liberal Blogger on the Iowa City Press-Citizen’s MyP-C.  At a time when our hearts and minds should be focused on the people in the south who suffered from the rash of tornadoes that recently struck, Maria Houser Conzemius plays politics.

Maria opined on her blog with, “Global warming is better seen in the increase in the number and severity of tornadoes,” and “Did you notice how prolonged and severe the tornado storms were in the South?” 

Does Ms. Conzemius have a degree in meteorology?  Nope.

The obsession that liberals have with global warming has become a religion, facts be damned!

One poster to Maria’s blog mentioned that a far worse series of storms occurred back in April of 1974, when “more than 60 twisters flickered out of the sky over an eleven-state area, claiming more than 300 lives and destroying property worth nearly $400 million."  Say, weren’t the so-called experts saying there was a coming ice age in the ‘70’s?  If blogs were around at that time, you can be sure that Maria would have chimed in with something like, “Those tornadoes were the result of global cooling.”

Even the liberal NY Times wrote that tornado experts said there was no evidence that the deadly storms were related to global warming.  The tornadoes weren’t anything other than the clash of contrasting cold and warm air masses that usually precedes such events.  But facts don’t stop liberals like Maria from misinforming people and writing fear-mongering rants on blogs.

Maria Houser Conzemius should try to maintain some degree of decency and respect for the dead. She shouldn’t play politics over the funerals of tornado victims.